Titanic News For 2 Jan 2013

1. The Hillsborough Public Library in Hillsborough,NJ is having a Titanic presentation on 12 Jan 2013 at 1:30 p.m. Robert Martorana, who has appeared on History’s Detectives and Charles Haas (Titanic Historical Society) will be present along with Titanic artifacts. You must register to attend. For information, go to Somerset County Library website.

Source:Hillsborough Patch, Library Program To Feature Titanic Artifacts, 2 Jan 2013

2. Matthew Lawson, writing for Dallas Observer, reviews the Titanic exhibition in Fort Worth. He writes: “The Titanic Artifact Exhibit is a beautifully done history lesson that will leave the museum goers breathless. It is an impactful and diverse recount of one the largest seaward disasters ever to occur in the modern world. The whole experience lasts comfortably under two hours, and is well worth the admission price.”

Source: Dallas Observer (Blog), At The Titanic Exhibit In Fort Worth, Everything You Need To Know Without The Celine Dion, 2 Jan 2013

Another Titanic II Reception Rescheduled;Southampton Will Have To Wait Till March 2013

A special event to showcase Titanic II in December has been rescheduled to 5 Mar 2013 reports Daily Echo. Clive Palmer was going to use the event at Grand Cafe to showcase Titanic II, which is scheduled to launch in 2016. All of the original events in U.S. were cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy.

Source: Daily Echo,Billionaire’s Titanic II Showcasing Delayed,29 Dec 2012

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