Historic Cobh Pier in Peril

Titanic pier CobhMuch is being done to make ready for the Titanic remembrance ceremonies in April. Just about everything is being scrubbed, built, or shined up for the event. Except it seemsa pier in Cobh (formerly Queenstown) where 123 passengers boarded tenders for Titanic. The old pier is a serious state of decay reports Irish Times and in danger of collapsing. The Times reports that there is some uncertainty as to who owns the pier, which has led to no money funding its renovation. The nearby former White Star Line office has been renovated and a visitor attraction.

The city has no funding available and the pier is not on any protected structures list. Some effort is underway to seek funding. Otherwise visitors will see a decaying pier where only seagulls perch looking at the tourists for possible snacks to feed on.

Source: Irish Times, Titanic’ Pier In Cobh Could Collapse If Funding Not Found For Preservation, 21 Feb 2012

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Whimsy On Caltrain 159

Conductors sometimes like to have fun when calling out stops but one conductor on Thursday’s 159 decided to regale the passengers by using funny accents when calling out the stops. At first it was amusing but as the trip progressed it started grating on the nerves. In the car I was riding in, passengers began to wonder what was going on. Was the guy stoned, drunk, or just crazy? I opined that perhaps he was just bored going up and down the line calling out the stops and decided to have some fun.

When the train pulled into San Francisco, the conductor decided to switch to an Irish brogue and give us a limerick. By this time I think many had quite enough and were racing to the exits before he decided to switch back to the child voice he had used earlier (the one that reminds you of Willy Wonka played by Johnny Depp). The conductor, an assistant I think, is usually decked out in the full Amtrak uniform. As I walked towards the exit, I saw him and the senior conductor assisting a passenger being unloaded on the lift. He seemed perfectly normal scotching the idea he was either drunk or high on narcotics.

As for a career in impressions, I recommend the conductor do not give up his day job. Leave that to experts like Rich Little. And he should remember there is a degree of professionalism his job requires. When he pulls stunts like this, people will wonder whether to take him seriously when it really matters.

Branson & Pigeon Forge Titanic Museums To Host Titanic Musical

Sorry folks but I have been busy on other projects and not able to post for a while. Got a press release here about a Titanic musical at both Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, and Branson, Missouri. Both are hosting “A Night to Remember: An Original Musical Tribute To Titanic. The event includes musical performances, historic ceremonies, and appearances by descendants of Titanic passengers. The Branson one begins at noon on 14 April and in Tennessee at 8:30 p.m. From the press release:

Tickets to “A Night to Remember: An Original Musical Tribute to Titanic” are available through the Titanic Museum Attractions in Missouri and Tennessee. Visitors may purchase tickets by phone at (800) 381-7670 beginning February 20, 2012. In addition to museum admission and the musical production, ticket holders will receive limited edition memorials dedicated to the ship’s history, including a DVD containing video tributes of the personal stories of selected passengers and crew.

Information about the museums is at www.titanicattraction.com.

With all the hoopla these days over Titanic, I suggest get your tickets early.

Source: MarketWatch (press release), Titanic Museum Attractions Hosting Us Tributes To Titanic Crew And Passengers, 15 Feb 2012