Silver Cup Given To Titanic Rescuer To Be Auctioned Off

Mrs. J.J. "Molly" Brown presenting trophy cup award to Capt. Arthur Henry Rostron, for his service in the rescue of the Titanic. Photo:Public Domain (US Library of Congress, digital id# cph 3c21013)
Mrs. J.J. “Molly” Brown presenting trophy cup award to Capt. Arthur Henry Rostron, for his service in the rescue of the Titanic.
Photo:Public Domain (US Library of Congress, digital id# cph 3c21013)

In recognition of saving Titanic lives, Captain Arthur Rostron of Carpathia was presented with a silver loving cup by Molly Brown in 1912. His descendants,three great-grandaughters, have decided to sell the cup reports Liverpool Echo. A reenactment ceremony is being scheduled for next month at the Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee in which the great-grandaughter of Molly Brown will take part in. After that it will be auctioned and its estimated value is £120,000 ($197,940). The decision to sell was the cost to insure and issues over who would inherit.

Source: £120k Price Tag For Historic Titanic Relic Presented By The Unsinkable Molly Brown(25 Jan 2014,Liverpool Echo)

Captain Arthur Henry Rostron (Encylopedia Titanica)
Mrs Margaret Brown (Molly Brown) (Encylopedia Titanica)

The Titanic Reunion of Molly Brown and Arthur Rostron’s descendants will take place on 14 and 15 February. According to the Titanic Pigeon Forge website:

For the first time in the world, on Valentines Weekend, Margaret “Molly” Tobin Brown’s Great Granddaughter, Helen Benziger, along with Captain Rostron’s Great Granddaughters from England, will come together with the ACTUAL Loving Cup at the Titanic Museum Attraction in Pigeon Forge, Tn. These 3 Titanic Descendants will be at the ship to meet and greet guests on Friday, February 14th and Saturday, February 15th. You won’t want to miss this historical event.

For ticket info, either go to their website or call 1-800-381-7670.

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Friday Titanic News:More On Titanic II Third Class, Study Claims 18-24 Would Not Save Women & Children, and Update on Loraine Allison

1. Cruise Ship News weighs in on the 3rd class option on Titanic II. According to Clive Plamer, 700 people will pay for the opportunity to sleep in cramped cabins as they did on the original Titanic. Cruise Ship News says this sounds good in theory but wonders whether having 700 people sharing two bathrooms meets current health and safety standards. And if you are going authentic, does that not mean you will have to keep those passengers away from other parts of the ship? The commentary closes with this:

Then there is the question of price because according to the Telegraph, the cost of a third class ticket was £7 and £9. Converted into today’s money, then Titanic 2 third class tickets would cost £587 and £754. Would you be willing to pay as much as that to cross the Atlantic in such cramped conditions, and then there is the question of whether you would have access to the rest of the Titanic 2 ship, as original third class passengers did not have such access?

That is a good question. Are you willing to spend money to sleep in authentic Titanic 3rd class quarters with just two bathrooms for 700 people?

Source: Titanic 2 Ship Third Class Tickets An Authentic Option(20 Jan 2014,Cruise Ship News)

2.The National Student is reporting on a poll that does not look good if you are looking to an 18-24 year old to save your life. Virgin Cruises apparently did a study that asked various questions about what they would do in certain situations. Stop a pirate? 81% said no. Nor would they summon a kraken to help Davy Jones against other ships. Nor would they help crew load cannons to fend off attacks from enemy ships. And an astounding 87% would not allow women and children first in the lifeboats. Now some of the questions are really foolish like a peg leg pirate boarding the ship. The fact they would not bother to let women and children first may speak to a generation that is self absorbed looking at their smartphones to give a damn about anything. And it would not be surprising many would rather do nothing to help crew repel real pirates (that might be sensible considering the modern day pirate is armed with automatic weapons).

Or the kids answering the survey decided it was a hoot and decided to have some fun with it.

Source: Students: Useless In A Titanic Disaster Situation, Says Research (20 Jan 2o14,The National Student)

Mystery3.3. Update on Loraine Allison/Helen Kramer Story
The news that DNA conclusively proved Loraine Allison did not survive Titanic is getting widely reported now. There has been an uptick in news postings from all over the place and even blogs as well. Over at Debrina Woods site ( is a new statement in the DNA response section which states (in part):

We were informed in DEC/2013, that a third party was announcing that they had conducted a separate (unrequested by us and sponsored by the opposition Allison’s) DNA Testing and had received a very(conveniently) NEGATIVE determination. To which we respond to all: OK…for now. BUT ALL, BE ADVISED, THAT THIS SAGA IS HARDLY OVER…!!!! We intend to maintain fully on course in our determination to presenting THE REAL and total FACTS of this story to the world and while I had harbored sensitivity to certain more inflammatory issues regarding William Percival Allison’s actions and others involved back in the day, that OUR evidence supports and discloses as showing MUCH MISCONDUCT…Now, am thinking not so much. Which will make for all the better reading and PRESS!! I am hoping that my manuscripts will be completed this spring and ready for submission for publication. We regret that many will be confused by the information that is making the rounds now in the press and other media…
and that we feel has been irresponsibly released for sensation value.

The rambling statement hints at conspiracies, divided opinion, and a book to come. While those who support Helen Kramer’s claim might cling to the hope that the DNA test was wrong or that perhaps manipulated in some fashion the uncomfortable truth is that the grandmother was not related the Allison family. Whether she was a fantasy prone individual convinced of being Loraine Allison (possibly by her husband) or was part of a fraud is unclear.

Titanic News:Telegraph Reports On Loraine Allison Controversy, Titanic II is a “Floating Mausoleum” and Outrage Over The Chinese Sinking Titanic Simulator

Mystery1.Jasper Copping writing for The Telegraph reports on the Loraine Allison/Helen Kramer controversy. As reported in another blog posting  Helen Kramer claimed back in 1940 that she was Loraine Allison and did not die in 1912 when Titanic sank. She claimed her father had given her to a Mr. Hyde on a lifeboat. Hyde took her to England and put her in boarding schools. The claim was never substantiated and was later picked up by her granddaughter. However a recent DNA test has proved that Helen Kramer was not Loraine Allison. Nancy Bergman, who is a Allison descendant stated:

These DNA results have uncovered a colossal fraud that has haunted my family for years. It was all about the money …. Debrina wants to write a book and no doubt there are others out there who want to profit from our story. It is our story. Leave us in peace.

Source: Lost Child Of The Titanic And The Fraud That Haunted Her Family(19 Jan 2014,The Telegraph)

2. Cahir O’Doherty writing for is not for Clive Palmer’s Titanic II. O’Doherty is particularly unhappy about how Third Class (or steerage as it was called back then) will be recreated. If Palmer goes through with it, those who book in this class will bunk up much like those that did back in 1912 (which means many bunking together in rooms and sharing bathrooms). Palmer intends to go through what used to be a required delousing of Third Class passengers before disembarking but using confetti cannons to have the same effect. To this Cahir writes:

Do we think we can re-write history by having a doppelganger complete the original voyage? It’s hubris as objectionable as calling the original ship unsinkable. We should have learned the hard lesson. It’s a floating mausoleum, not a ship.

Source: Sink The Titanic II, Insensitive Obsession Goes Too Far(18 Jan 2014,

3. The Daily Mirror reports on negative reaction to the Chinese theme park Titanic simulator. Rudi Newman of the British Titanic Society states: “This is in incredibly poor taste and frankly deplorable. Whatever next, the Pompeii experience?”

Source: Relatives Of Titanic Victims Criticise Theme Park Ride With ‘Shake And Tumble’ Simulator That Recreates Disaster (17 Jan 2014,Daily Mirror)

Friday Titanic News:White Star Flag To Fly Over Albion House, New Brittanic Book and Brittanic Artifacts for Titanic Belfast, and Titanic Artifacts to China?

White Star Flag Image:Yar(Wikimedia)
White Star Flag

1. The Liverpool Echo reports that for the first time in 80 years, the flag of the White Star Line will fly over the former headquarters in Liverpool. Albion House, which was last opened to the public in 1898, will be open to the public on 1 Mar 2014 to mark the 80th anniversary of White Star Line’s demise in 1934 when it was merged with Cunard. The flag will be flown above the James Street entrance and was donated by Titanic historian Paul Louden-Brown, who paid for the flag as a goodwill gift to the company’s former headquarters.
Source:White Star Flag To Fly Again Over Titanic Hotel(17 Jan 2o14,Liverpool Echo)

2. Simon Mills has published a new book on Brittanic, Unseen Britannic: The Ship in Rare Illustrations, the shows the wreck of the ship. While Brittanic sank faster than Titanic (possibly due to a German mine), she sank mostly intact and is the most complete Olympic class liner. According to News Letter, an excavation is being planned for this summer. Paul Louden-Brown states the idea is to bring up artifacts and display them in Titanic Belfast. Bringing up the  propeller blades and a 16-ton anchor is being considered and would be put on the slipways at Titanic Belfast.
Source: Taking A Fresh Look At Titanic’s Sunken Sister(16 Jan 2014,News Letter)

3. A commenter at the financial site The Street writes that Premiere Exhibitions the company ought to consider selling the artifacts to the Chinese theme park that will house the Titanic replica that will simulate the sinking. Chris Katje writes:

Before you criticize whether this theme park or boat should be constructed, think about the possible winner in Premier Exhibitions. Premier has more than 5,500 artifacts from the actual Titanic that it has been trying to sell for years. Last year, the company called off a possible deal to sell its Titanic artifacts. Premier executives should be on the phone with Seven Star Energy Investment Group CEO Su Shaojun to make a deal happen. Imagine a life-size Titanic with real artifacts and authentic items from the maiden voyage.

Kotje opines since Premier stock hovers around $1.00 these days, a sale to the Chinese would give the shareholders a lucrative return.
Source:Premier Exhibitions Should Sell Titanic Artifacts to New Theme Park in China(14 Jan 2014,The Street)

Belfast Lord Mayor Calls Chinese Titanic Simulator “Disgraceful”

Titanic Wreck Bow Image: Public Domain (NOAA-
Titanic Wreck Bow
Image: Public Domain (NOAA)

Belfast Lord Mayor Jim Rodgers says the Chinese idea of a Titanic simulator is a step too far reports the BBC. He went further stating:

The ship was perfect when it left these shores in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and unfortunately it struck an iceberg, but for people to try and make money out of that is disgraceful and shameful.

According to press reports, the replica Titanic will allow people to experience the collision and will use sound and light effects to simulate water coming into the ship.

We will let people experience water coming in by using sound and light effects … They will think, ‘The water will drown me, I must escape with my life.(Su Shaojun, chief executive of the Seven Star Energy Investment Group).

Actor Bernard Hill, who played Captain Smith in Cameron’s Titanic, says it is not inappropriate but had to admit his expenses in flying to Hong Kong were paid by the Chinese (but he did not receive an appearance fee for appearing at the public event).

At any event, wags are starting to speculate was to which Hollywood celebrity will race over to China when it is complete to stand on it and give an enthusiastic thumbs up. T-shirt makers will probably now have to come up with a new shirt: “I survived Chinese Titanic!”

Source:Titanic Iceberg Simulator In Chinese Theme Park ‘In Bad Taste’(15 Jan 2014,BBC)

Cameron’s Titanic: Could Jack & Rose Both Survive?

Okay for those who did not see the movie, Jack and Rose both initially survive the sinking and cling to a piece of wood. But Jack decides to allow Rose to live by dying since both clinging to the wood might result in both dying. Was this right or wrong? It appears many out there believe that both could have lived. Time to call the dynamic duo! No, not the one with the bat as an emblem, but those clever guys at Mythbusters.

What did they find out when the put it to test (with James Cameron looking on)? Here are two clips from the show from YouTube on what they find out.

Travel To China And Experience Titanic Sinking!

RMS Titanic departing Southampton on April 10, 1912.
RMS Titanic departing Southampton on April 10, 1912.

What beats seeing the Great Wall or the Forbidden City while in China? Why going to a Chinese theme park where a life sized replica of Titanic will allow visitors to see and feel what it was like on the doomer liner that night. Reuters reports:

The replica ship will cost $165 million to build and simulation technology will allow several hundred people at a time to feel what the shipwreck was like. Su Shaojun, chief executive of the Seven Star Energy Investment Group that is funding the project, said: “When the ship hits the iceberg, it will shake, it will tumble. “We will let people experience water coming in by using sound and light effects. “They will think ‘The water will drown me, I must escape with my life’.”

Bernard Hill, who played Captain Smith in Cameron’s Titanic, was flown to Hong Kong to announce his support for the project saying it does not belittle the disaster. No, it just now puts in the same category of a carnival event albeit more expensive and with lots of publicity.

More curious is the statement by Shaojun about why they needed a Titanic museum:

“We think it’s worth spreading the spirit of the Titanic,” he said. “The universal love and sense of responsibility shown during the Titanic shipwreck represent the spiritual richness of human civilisation.”

Okay but it sounds like marketing to me, just words strung together that mean nothing. I doubt the Chinese will pass up the opportunity to remind visitors (in a polite way of course) that the disaster was caused by decadent western capitalists and such things would never happen in the enlightened middle kingdom.

1. Titanic Museum, Shipwreck Simulator To Anchor Chinese Theme Park(13 Jan 2014,Reuters)
2. China To Build Titanic Theme Park With Life-Sized Replica Of Doomed Ship That Will Simulate Its Sinking!(13 Jan 2014,Mirror Online)