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Titanic Exhibition: The Londoner And The Captain Who Were Seized By Fits Of Giggles After The Ship Hit An Iceberg (MyLondon. 13 Nov 2021)

We’re so used to hearing tales of doom and tragedy about the sinking of the Titanic that’s it’s surprising to find a funny story about it. As a major exhibition prepares to open in London next year at an as-yet-undisclosed location to mark the 110th anniversary of the 1912 tragedy, MyLondon is investigating the lives of the Londoners who were aboard the ill-fated ship. In the process, MyLondon came across the rather incredible yet touching story of the 22-year-old signalman who was cracking up in fits of laughter while sending SOS signals from the freezing ship.


Seaman Blamed for Sinking Titanic Was A TRUE Hero: Bravery Medals Of Officer Who Unwittingly Pocketed Key For Binoculars Cabinet Before Disembarking Doomed Ship Are Set To Fetch £15,000 At Auction (Daily Mail, 12 Nov 2021)

He’s infamous as the sailor who was blamed by some for the sinking of the Titanic, but the collection of medals which belonged to David Blair reveal his true heroism. In his haste to disembark, however, he forgot to leave a key which was needed in the crow’s nest to access binoculars and a telescope. As such, Blair is known to history for his unwitting part in the sinking – but the officer had in fact won a series of prestigious medals for his bravery and military service. Roughly a year after the Titanic sank, Aldridge was serving as first officer on the SS Majestic – another White Star ocean liner – when he swam to the rescue of a drowning man who had thrown himself overboard. For his bravery, King George V awarded Blair a Sea Gallantry Medal at Buckingham Palace. He earned further medals during the First World War, when he served with distinction in the navy.


Travel: Titanic Tour Offers a Tale Of Two Irish Ports Linked By Tragic Ship (The Sunday Post, 12 Nov 2021)

The Titanic Centre in Belfast is one of the island’s most popular attractions. Located next to the Titanic slipways and the former shipyard Drawing Offices, the centre is at the heart of where the Titanic was planned, designed, built and launched. It took Belfast a long time to come to terms with the Titanic’s fate. The Titanic Centre was opened to mark the centenary of the sinking. The long gestation was due to a mixture of shame and embarrassment surrounding the ship’s tragic end. For a long time, the city’s tour guides quipped “she was all right when she left here” but ultimately it was realised that other cities around the world such as Halifax, Nova Scotia and Orlando, Florida were telling a story, through exhibitions, that could really only be told properly in Belfast.

Tuesday Titanic News

graph down1. Premier Exhibitions recently reported its fourth quarter results along with full year 2014. Total revenue fell by 7% ( $6.2 million compared to $6.7 million last quarter) and gross profit decreased as well. Exhibition days also decreased to 1,278 from 1,150 in last quarter. Attendance was down in fourth quarter (357 per day compared to 399). Ticket prices did increase slightly by 1.3% Overall revenue decreased 25.6% to $29.3 million and gross profit while gross profits decreased 32.5% to $14.0 million. Premier’s Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer Michael Little says:

“We are resolved to improving the performance of Titanic and Bodies from current levels which we think can best be accomplished by updating the exhibition content and by bolstering our exhibition marketing efforts. To accomplish these changes, we will invest in both exhibitions. In addition, we have augmented our in-house marketing team and partnered with Crossmedia to re-envision and re-launch highly creative and collaborative campaigns and bring these stories to life across paid, owned, and earned media. We think these efforts should positively impact these existing properties over time and complement our broader plan to evolve and diversify our portfolio.”

In other words, the exhibitions have become stagnant and need to be revitalized and re-marketed to get more people buying tickets. As for the Titanic artifacts that were supposed to be sold per a salvage award, not a word in the press release.
Source:Premier Exhibitions Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2014 Results(27 May 2014,Globe Newswire (Press Release)

2. Despite having powerful wireless telegraphs aboard Titanic, it was not able to summon help as quickly as it should have writes Ronald Yeaple in Daily Messenger. Over on California, its wireless operator retired for the night so he and no one else aboard heard the fateful telegraph call from Titanic. They did not learn of the tragedy till the next morning. Carpathia heard the message and resulting from that was Captain Rostron immediately heading to the scene arriving around 0400. Compounding the problem later was how messages got terribly garbled and mashed up resulting in inaccurate news being reported. Yeaple writes: “The spark coil transmitters of the time broadcast a wide range of frequencies and were not finely tuned like today’s radios, so messages often overlapped.” That does explain why, unfortunately, early reports were so terribly wrong. [Today we are experiencing something of a decline in getting it right. Today many reporters have gone backwards in their attempts to get the headline by relying on Twitter, other social media, and dubious sources not properly vetted.]
Source: FROM TELEGRAMS TO TEXTING: Why Didn’t Wireless Save Titanic’s Passengers?(1 June 2014,Daily Messenger)

3. A Mediterranean theme park in China which will include a replica of Titanic (the Titanic Sinking Simulator) will also have a man-made beach much like the movie Truman Show. Construction, if on schedule, began on 30 May. According to CNTV: “The 16-billion RMB ($256 million) model ship and interior man-made beach will be two of the key attractions at the Romandisea Seven Star International Cultural Tourism Resort, which will also feature a Venetian church, Turkish baths and what is being called a “6D cinema.”
Source:Replicated Titanic To Anchor In Mediterranean Theme Park In China(30 May 2014,CNTV)