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US challenges planned expedition to retrieve Titanic’s radio (ABC News, 9 June 2020)

The U.S. government will try to stop a company’s planned salvage mission to retrieve the Titanic’s wireless telegraph machine, arguing the expedition would break federal law and a pact with Britain to leave the iconic shipwreck undisturbed. U.S. attorneys filed a legal challenge before a federal judge in Norfolk, Virginia, late Monday. The expedition is expected to begin by the end of August. The Atlanta-based salvage firm RMS Titanic Inc., said it would exhibit the telegraph while telling the stories of the operators who broadcast the sinking ship’s distress calls.

Ship Captains: Go Down With The Ship or Not?

Does a ship captain have a legal obligation to go down with the ship? Well not quite reports the Atlanta Journal Constitution. Ship captains are required to assist in getting passengers safely off the vessel but no one actually requires a captain to go down with the ship. However ship captains usually face an inquiry as to what happened and can face criminal charges if they are found negligent. The captain of the Costa Concordia is on trial for manslaughter while the captain of the South Korean ferry faces negligence charges. Neither were the last to get off their sinking vessels.

Source: Are Captains Required To Go Down With Their Ships?(20 April 2014,Atlanta Journal Constitution)