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Titanic News: Ballard on Secret Mission;Titanic Movie Stars Helped Titanic Survivor; Changes to Maritime Law Coming

The US Navy Backed The Hunt For Titanic In Part Because The Explorer Who Found It Argued It Would ‘Drive The Soviets Crazy,’ Book Reveals Business Insider (India), 23 Sep 2021

The man who found the Titanic did so with help from the US Navy, and he got that much needed support in part by convincing the Navy that finding the shipwreck would “drive the Soviets crazy,” renowned explorer Robert Ballard reveals in the new book “Into The Deep,” which was co-written with investigative reporter Christopher Drew. Over the course of his celebrated career, Ballard has discovered the wrecks of the Nazi battleship Bismarck, the US aircraft carrier Yorktown, and US patrol torpedo boat PT-109 (commanded by then Lt. j.g. John F. Kennedy). But his most recognizable discovery was the British passenger ship Titanic that sank in the North Atlantic on April 15, 1912, ending more than 1,500 lives.


When the Stars of Titanic Helped Pay the Bills for the Last Titanic Survivor MSN (via Mental_Floss), 24 Sep 2021

So in early May of that year, Irish author Don Mullan, a longtime friend of Dean’s, led the charge to raise money for her. He himself sold copies of a photo he’d taken of Dean and turned his earnings over to what was dubbed the “Millvina Fund.” And then he called upon the major players in the making of 1997’s Titanic—namely, James Cameron, Kate Winslet, Leonardo DiCaprio, 20th Century Fox, and Celine Dion—to match his contribution. “There were people out there who could, and I felt, morally should, help her. To fail Millvina Dean, the last tangible living link to the Titanic, would make a mockery of the world’s expressed concern for the tragedy,” Mullan explained to Independent.ie. His public plea actually worked. According to Reuters, Cameron, Winslet, and DiCaprio gave a combined $30,000 to the fund. Dean, for her part, was mainly just bothered by the influx of phone calls brought on by the attention.


Bill Would Change Maritime Liability Rules After Boat Fire MSN (via AP), 22 Sept 2021

Federal lawmakers introduced legislation Wednesday that would change 19th century maritime liability rules in response to the 2019 boat fire off the coast of Southern California that killed 34 people. The bill would update the Limitation of Liability Act of 1851, under which boat owners can limit their liability to the value of the remains of the vessel. The legislation would be retroactively applied to the families of Conception victims if it passes, officials said. The tragedy was one of the deadliest maritime disasters in recent U.S. history.

Titanic Hidden Histories At Shipwreck Museum(UK) 14-21st December

Bonny Cummins friendship with Titanic survivor Millvina Dean inspired Titanic Hidden Histories which includes Titanic art, film, and animations and original music composed by Josh Cummins. On 15 December, Bonny will hold a screening and conversation of  her zoetrope animations, original music, and showing her special Titanic collectibles.  Further information is at The Shipwreck Museum.

1. Titanic Exhibition And Film Arrives At Shipwreck Museum(12 Dec 2013,Hastings & St. Leonard Observer)
2. Shipwreck Museum

Titanic 101st Anniversary Subdued

The 101st anniversary of Titanic sinking has come and gone. Unlike last year which had major events, this year was more subdued. That does not mean people did not hold memorials, watch Titanic movies, or visit a Titanic exhibit. It was just quiet. Perhaps I missed it, but none of the U.S. broadcast networks had any Titanic show. Probably it was explored on the network morning shows and that was it.

Checking the news, there was not much going on. Some notices of Titanic themed meals, a mention of Henry Aldridge auctioning off Titanic memorabilia. There were some interesting stories that passed my way. One was an update to a story about Millvina Dean. I reported a few days ago Bluestar bus line was going to name a bus for her. The BBC reports this has now happened. According to BBC:

A bus like this was named for Millvina Dean.

Some will wonder the wisdom of naming a bus but I do not think it a bad idea. I suspect from everything I read of Millvina, she would not mind at all.

Wilfred Deable Seward is probably a name few are familiar with unless you scan the list of Titanic surviving crew members. Seward was chief pantry steward for second class passengers and was in his bunk reading when Titanic hit the iceberg. Though at first told there was no problem, the 25 year old helped get passengers into lifeboat number three, and helped row it away from Titanic. His description of what he heard that night resembles what others said they heard.

“As she went down I heard terrible screams, like people yelling wildly at a football match. Then there was nothing but silence.”

He continued working on ocean liners, including the Queen Mary. He retired in 1954 and resided in Ballymoney, where his daughter resided.  He passed away in 1963, age 77 and was buried in the local cemetery in an unmarked grave. Many people were aware of his Titanic connection and last year it spurred a call to erect a proper memorial at his grave. And a local undertaker decided to do this. So on 12 April of this year, a service was held at his resting place with a great niece in attendance. Not forgotten anymore. Amen.

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