Thieves Get Trapped In Store But Police Fail To Respond In Time

A Boost Mobile wireless store in New Jersey was recently the scene right out of a screwball comedy. Two guys enter the store and one draws a gun on the manager. They proceed to begin robbing the place but the manager gets out and drops the security gate down on the door. This effectively seals them in. They get no help from people outside the store, who jeer and mock them while recording it. Meanwhile the manager is calling the police. At first they refused to dispatch cops to the store (a daytime robbery and they are not interested in responding with the thieves trapped inside?). Finally the manager points out that they have a gun so that finally gets the police dispatched. Meanwhile the two men, frantically trying to get out, find a tool box so that they can force open the security gate. Which they do and remarkably escape since the police arrived long after they left. It has major embarrassment all over the local police department for failing to respond in time. They are apparently retraining the 911 dispatch operators.

Source:Crowd laughs at, mocks thieves who lock themselves in cell phone store during robbery(Leo Affairs,19 Aug 2016)

Here is a shorter and edited version on YouTube of this.

Premier Exhibitions Update: Company Files Adversary Action For French Collection

PremierExhibitionslogoPremier Exhibitions has gone forward with the adversary proceeding against France to attain clear title to the French Collection. Premier tried to get the bankruptcy court to allow the sale arguing they had clear title. However the court found that under federal law, the must first conduct an adversary proceeding. As part of the filing on 17 August, Premier argues they were given clear and unambiguous title. What happens next is that France will have to respond through their American lawyers as to what their position in the matter is. The documents attached to the filing appear to support their claim.

Source: Adversary Proceeding, In Re: RMS Titanic, Inc: U.S. Bankruptcy Court,Middle District Florida, 17 Aug 2016

Chinese Titanic Replica On Course;Belfast Titanic Celebrates A Milestone

The Grand Staircase of the RMS Olympic Photo:Public Domain (Wikipedia)
The Grand Staircase of the RMS Olympic
Photo:Public Domain (Wikipedia)

Clive Palmer’s plan to build Titanic II appears dead but a Chinese full size replica is on course to be built. According to a full size replica will be assembled at the end of this year. The replica will be the exact size of the original Titanic and will cost 1 billion yuan. Everything from door knobs to menus will look as if it was on the original Titanic (except some modern necessities as needed of course). The replica will also employ the use of a Titanic Sinking Simulator so that visitors will experience what it was like to be aboard when the ship was sinking. The replica will be permanently docked at a theme park in the Qi River in Daying County, Sichuan. It is scheduled to open in 2018.
Source:Life-Size Replica Of Titanic To Be Assembled Late This Year(,17 Aug 2016)

Titanic Belfast just celebrated its three millionth visitor recently. Since it opened in 2012, Titanic Belfast has seen a steady stream of tourists from all over the world. They recently had their busiest day when 4,200 people came through the doors beating down previous numbers. Titanic Belfast chief executive Tim Husbands notes “We have spent over £1m refurbishing and refreshing three or four of the galleries because obviously Titanic is a story that can be told in so many different facets.”
Source: Titanic Belfast Welcomes Its Three Millionth Visitor(Irish Times,15 Aug 2016)

For Your Sunday: Frank Sinatra “At Long Last Love”(1962)

Titanic Musings

Augustus Bevilacqua”. Bust of the emperor with the Civic Crown, period of his reign. Artist Unknown Glyptothek , Munich, Germany Public Domain
“Augustus Bevilacqua”. Bust of the emperor with the Civic Crown, period of his reign.
Artist Unknown
Glyptothek , Munich, Germany
Public Domain

August is now the eighth month of the year under the current calendar but was originally the sixth month under the old Roman calendar. When January and February were added to the calendar in 753 BC, it became the eighth month. Julius Caesar added two days making it 31 days in 45 BC for the new Julian calendar. In 8 BC it was named for the Roman emperor Augustus and has remained so ever since. The gladiolus or poppy is the flower associated with this month.

August is also National Sandwich Month in the United States. John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich, is often credited with being is namesake. During a card game, it is claimed, he wanted something to eat so he did not have to leave the game. Meat between two slices of bread fit the bill and it has forever more been known in England and the West as a sandwich. In it simplest form it is a portable meal. Such ways of eating food have been around for a long time and many cultures going back to ancient times had versions of what we call a sandwich. Stemming perhaps from a legal decision about whether burritos or quesadillas count as sandwiches, a sandwich is defined as two slices of bread with meat or other items of food between. Hot items on breads are almost never called sandwiches such as hamburgers or hot dogs. American sandwiches tend to be full size when European and British tend to be smaller and sometimes used for fancy parties. The English butty is a type of sandwich with butter and meat but is rarely cut. Often one slice of bread is used that is folded over rather than sliced.

The Titanic in Photographs exhibit has opened up at RVP in Tunbridge Wells, UK. This exhibit is based upon a book of the same name by Daniel Klistorner. The exhibit contains items from various Titanic auctions around the world. It is quite a remarkable collection to view. It also simulates through the use of various memorabilia what it looked like aboard Titanic. The exhibit is free but guides are available for £5.

Belfast Titanic is adding jobs this summer to cope with expected heavy crowds. The weather over there right now is not too bad. Temperatures for the coming week look to be in the mid-60’s during the day and mid 50’s at night. And yes some rain is expected during the week. As always pack with that in mind when visiting Ireland.

Updates:Premier Exhibitions Loses Round in Court;Changes to Management and Board

PremierExhibitionslogo1) Premier Exhibitions recently sought permission to sell items from the French Titanic collection. Since these items are outside of U.S.Federal Court , it reasoned that an expedited approval by the bankruptcy court would make the sale possible. The court turned down this request noting that under bankruptcy law that Premier Exhibitions must pursue what is called an adversary proceeding. Since the items in question were awarded by French officials, they may object to these items being put up for auction if the conditions they were awarded to the company excluded their sale.  Premier must now go through a process to allow possible third parties (either the French government or other parties of interest)to object and a finding be made.
Source: Premier Exhibition Sale Denied (Bankrupt Company News, 27 Jul 2016)
Document Source: ORDER ON MOTION FOR ORDER AUTHORIZING THE DEBTORS TO MARKET AND SELL CERTAIN TITANIC ARTIFACTS FREE AND CLEAR OF LIENS, CLAIMS, AND INTERESTS (In re: Premier Exhibitions, et el. U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Middle District Florida, Jacksonville Division, 22 Jul 2016)

2. Perhaps in light of the bankruptcy filing (and increased pressure to show records to demonstrate exactly what is going on inside Premier), the company recently announced some changes. The new CEO is Jerome Henshall,the current chairman of the Audit Committee who replaces Michael Little who has been let go (or the better British word sacked). Mingcheng Tao has resigned from the Board of Directors and two new “independent” directors–Mark Bains and Guo Ding–have been appointed to the Board of Directors. Bains qualification is that he is the Chief Executive Officer of MJB Technology Solutions Ltd. Guo Ding qualifications are his “extensive experience as a political, cultural, and media correspondent for various national and international news agencies. He has appeared on television, print, and radio in Canada, China, US, and Hong Kong among many other countries. He has also authored several books published in both Chinese and English. Mr. Ding holds a Master of Arts from Rikyo University (Tokyo, Japan) and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Shanghai Normal University.” So if I get it right they have put a respected commentator of Chinese affairs on the board of directors. I get the independent part but has he ever run a business?
Source:Premier Exhibitions Inc. Announces Corporate Update (Globe Newswire Press Release,27 July 2016)

24 July 1911:Machu Pichu Discovered

Martin St-Amant - Wikipedia - CC-BY-SA-3.0
Martin St-Amant – Wikipedia – CC-BY-SA-3.0

Machu Pichu is one of the most exciting archeological discoveries of the 20th century. High in the Andes northwest of Cuzco, Peru, this former sacred city of the Inca leaders lay undiscovered when the Inca fell due to the Spanish invasion in the sixteenth century. The Spanish never found Machu Pichu so it remained virtually untouched for hundreds of years and its location known only by those who lived nearby. In the summer of 1911 American archeologist Hiram Bingham was directing a Yale archaeological expedition to find Vilcabamba*, a lost city of the Incas. Vilcabamba was alleged to have been a secret stronghold of the Incas during the rebellion against the Spanish in the sixteenth century. Its location was a mystery and the Spanish never found it but Bingham was determined to follow the clues scattered in chronicles from that period. The clues seemed to indicated it was near Cuzco.

Traversing the Andes even during the best of times is not easy and he risked his life visiting several Inca sites. He was urged by a local prefect to visit the Urubamba River valley to find the ruins of Choquequirau (“Cradle of Gold”). He ended up meeting Melchor Arteaga,a Quechua-speaking resident, and on 24 July 1911 was taken to the ruins of Machu Pichu. He found well preserved stonework and noticed the similarity of the structures to the Temple of the Sun in Cuzco. Since the ruins were covered in vegetation, a second expedition in 1912 was undertook to excavate the area. Subsequent expeditions would continue to do that task in 1914 and 1915. Reconstruction would also take place as well to restore the city to its former glory. Peru declared it a Historical Sanctuary in 1981 and UNESCO has declared it a World Heritage Site.

Unlike Hiram Bingham and others who came to the site in the early days, visitors can either walk the Inca Trail to Machu Pichu (there are several options from the full six day hike to just one day) or take a train. Due to the effects of so many people visiting the site, Peru has put restrictions to limit the numbers of hikers and visitors to Machu Pichu. Those taking the longer trails should know that the ascent can lead to altitude sickness.  Machu Pichu is 7,970 feet above sea level. If you have ever visited Cuzco, there is a reason they have air tanks ready for visitors.

*Bingham believed he had found Vilcabamba but in 1964 American archaeologist Gene Savoy believed the excavation of Espíritu Pampa was a more likely candidate. Subsequent excavations and other research has determined that this was the likely site of Vilcabamba.

1. Hiram Bingham (Encyclopedia Brittanica)
2. Machu Pichu (Destination Machu Pichu)

Friday Rewind:Going Down To Liverpool (The Bangles)

Going Down To Liverpool was originally written by Kimberley Rew for his group Katrina and The Waves. The song was part of the album Shock Horror!(1982)that was only issued in Canada. The Bangles covered the song in their 1984 debut album All Over The Place. The song while a minor hit in England found little traction in the U.S. Their second album Different Light in 1986 was more popular and Going Down to Liverpool was re-released as a single. It did much better though still a minor hit. But it was the video directed by Tamar Simon Hoffs–the mother of Bangles singer Susanna Hoffs–that would give the song greater visibility because it had in it a well known actor. That actor, known by fans of Star Trek as Mr. Spock, was a friend of the Hoff’s family. His appearance made this video a popular one when it ran.

Rare Titanic Postcard Turns Up In Charity Bookstore

Postcard of the Titanic found in a book donated to Books for Amnesty, 103 Gloucester Rd, Bristol UK Source: Bristol Post Date:  20/07/2016 Photographer: Michael Lloyd/Freelance Reporter: Lewis Pennock Copyright: Local World
Postcard of the Titanic found in a book donated to Books for Amnesty, 103 Gloucester Rd, Bristol UK
Source: Bristol Post
Date: 20/07/2016
Photographer: Michael Lloyd/Freelance
Reporter: Lewis Pennock
Copyright: Local World

Sometimes people forget to remove things from items before donating to charity. And such was the case when a rare Titanic postcard slipped out of a book donated to Books For Amnesty in Bristol, UK. The card, which shows Titanic docked in Southampton before its maiden voyage, is dated to 1912. And was done by a local photographer.

Colin Richardson, a volunteer at the store and has an interest in postcards himself, was astonished at the remarkable find. The card has been put up for sale on Ebay and could fetch close to £99 ($130).

Commentary on Titanic news and other related items.

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