Titanic Body Art

Titanic enthusiasts collect all kinds of things from books to rare memorabilia. However I believe Steve Hide of the U.K. has outdone them all by having Titanic’s sinking as body art. It started in 2006, the Daily Echo reports, with the first lines drawn.

“When I started having it done five years ago I always planned to have it finished in time for the 100th anniversary.” (Steve Hide)

Hide says he was always interested in Titanic and used books and pictures to design the tatoo.  It has also made him a celebrity of sorts. His wife reports that people want photographs with him when they see the body art.

Okay but pretty weird if you ask me. Then again some people actually change their names to that of fictional sci-fi characters or characters from Lord of the Rings (and perhaps now from the Harry Potter movies/books as well).

Source: Daily Echo, Steve Hide Has Sinking Of The Titanic Tattooed Across His Back, 1 Sep 2011