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Monday Titanic News


Titanic movie poster
Via Wikimedia Commons

“Largo Man Trying to Collect One Million Copies of Titanic on VHS.” ABC Action News Tampa Bay (WFTS), 29 Nov. 2023, www.abcactionnews.com/news/region-pinellas/largo-man-trying-to-collect-one-million-copies-of-titanic-on-vhs.

Growing up, we probably all had that favorite movie that we could just watch over and over and over again. Well, there’s a man in Largo who has taken his love for his favorite movie to the extreme. Every time JD adds another VHS copy of Titanic to his collection, he feels like he’s the king of the world. “You know, Titanic is best on VHS,” said JD. “’September 1, 1998, take the voyage home,’ that’s what they were saying. That’s what I was playing on the VCR, I was watching this thing over and over and over again.”

There are many who acquire Titanic memorabilia because it is special and unique. But collecting 1 million copies on VHS of Cameron’s Titanic is not just extreme, but what would you do with it. It sort of like that scene in the original Willy Wonka movie. When they guy programs the computer to tell him where he can locate the Wonka bars with the gold certificate inside, it declines saying it would be cheating. When he offers to share the award with the computer, it responds “What would I do with a million bars of chocolate?”


“Titanic Returns to Chicago in February 2024.” EIN News, 29 Nov. 2023, www.einnews.com/pr_news/671524148/titanic-returns-to-chicago-in-february-2024.

As the largest and most immersive touring Titanic exhibition, the experience is a narrative journey that brings to light the fates of the passengers and crew aboard the sinking ship, and will open on Friday, February 16, 2024 at Westfield Old Orchard (4963 Old Orchard Road) in Skokie, IL. People can join the waitlist through Fever here to gain access to tickets before they go on sale to the public December 6th. Tickets start at $29.00 for adults, with discounts for kids, seniors, military, and groups.


How big is too big? That is the question here. This ship is essentially its own small metropolis that holds up to 10,000 people at a time. It has multiple entertainment venues, food options and so much that is boggles the mind. When you see pictures of it, the enormity of this ship really hits you. Royal Caribbean is proud of this new ship and you can be sure buckets of media will be watching its every move. Not to mention people commenting on social media about their experience.

“World’s Largest Cruise Ship That’s Five Times Bigger Than the Titanic Is About to Make Its First Voyage.” UNILAD, 28 Nov. 2023, www.unilad.com/news/travel/worlds-largest-cruise-ship-sets-sail-royal-caribbean-799666-20231128.

The Royal Caribbean ship has been hailed as the world’s largest and is officially five times bigger than The Titanic. The huge vessel is 65 meters long – around 1,200 feet – and weighs in at 250,800 tonnes. Boasting 20 decks, the ship has the largest water park at sea, as well as a section of the boat dedicated just for families. Constructed in Finland, the Icon of the Seas has finally been built and officially joined Royal Caribbean’s fleet yesterday (November 27) ahead of its pending departure. It’s said that the ginormous ship took two and a half years to create (including both design and construction) and will hold almost 10,000 people at a time.


SS Portland circa 1898
Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

“Those Who Perished 125 Years Ago in Sinking of ‘Maine’s Titanic’ Remembered at Service.” Press Herald, 26 Nov. 2023, www.pressherald.com/2023/11/25/those-who-perished-125-years-ago-in-sinking-of-maines-titanic-remembered-at-anniversary-service.

In Portland’s historical Abyssinian Meeting House, 198 names were read aloud Saturday remembering those who perished 125 years ago in New England’s worst maritime disaster. On the Saturday after Thanksgiving in 1898, at least 68 crew members and 130 passengers boarded the SS Portland in Boston and headed for Portland. They never reached their destination. By the next day, each was gone, swallowed by the sea off Cape Cod during a fierce blizzard.



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Titanic News: Menu & Hebrew Pocket Watch Auctioned Off; Last Remains of Titan; Maryland Fried Chicken & Titanic

“Remaining Titan Submersible Debris Salvaged.” MarineLink,

Phoenix International Holdings, under the direction of the U.S. Navy’s Supervisor of Salvage and Diving (SUPSALV), have recovered the remaining debris of the Titan submersible from the North Atlantic seafloor near the RMS Titanic shipwreck. All work performed by SUPSALV and Phoenix was conducted on behalf of the US Coast Guard’s Marine Investigation Board as part of their investigation into the loss of Titan. Authorities from the U.S., Canada and France are currently combing through evidence recovered from the Titan submersible that suffered a catastrophic implosion en route to the wreckage of the Titanic in June.

Hebrew Pocket Watch
Photo: Jewish Standard

“Sold at Auction: Hebrew Pocket Watch, Frozen in Time by Titanic Wreck.” Jewish Standard, 16 Nov. 2023, jewishstandard.timesofisrael.com/sold-at-auction-hebrew-pocket-watch-frozen-in-time-by-titanic-wreck.

A pocket watch, frozen in time when the Titanic went underwater, sold for £97,000 (about $118,700) on Saturday, in an auction held by the British firm Henry Aldridge and Son Ltd. That’s nearly 40 times the value of the ticket that Sinai Kantor, a Russian Jew on his way to New York City, spent for his ticket on the “unsinkable” ship.

Sketch of J. Bruce Ismay giving testimony before U.S. Senate Titanic inquiry.
Public Domain (via Wikipedia)

Pittsburgh Filmmakers Behind ‘Unsinkable’ Tell Story of Titanic and U.S. Senate Hearings.” CBS News, 16 Nov. 2023, www.cbsnews.com/pittsburgh/news/unsinkable-titanic-movie-pittsburgh-filmmakers.

In that vein, a few years ago, Brian and Cody’s fascination peaked when they heard the story of the U.S. Senate hearings that happened in the wake of the Titanic disaster in 1912. This inquiry helped give the public an accurate account of the infamous night the ship went down, and it called into question just who was accountable for the tragedy. “Our main thing was to try and figure out why we never heard of this,” said Brian. “There was this big Senate investigation and there was no accountability or anything. And through our research, we realized, that is the story.”


Maryland Fried Chicken
Photo: America’s Test Kitchen

Maryland Fried Chicken: A Storied Dish With Titanic History.” BBC Travel, 14 Nov. 2023, www.bbc.com/travel/article/20231112-maryland-fried-chicken-a-storied-dish-with-titanic-history.

Maryland fried chicken – essentially, pan-fried chicken with a cream gravy – didn’t always need the French accent to appeal to the upper class. In the early 19th Century, fried chicken was squarely a special-occasion dish, frequently cooked by enslaved African American women for wealthy Maryland households.


Titanic Lunch Menu 14 April 1912
Photo: AP

“‘Remarkable’ Titanic Menu Sells for £84,000 at Wiltshire Auction.” BBC News, 12 Nov. 2023, www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-wiltshire-67397384.

An evening dinner menu for first-class passengers onboard the RMS Titanic has sold for £84,000 (US $104,584) at auction. The sale on Saturday was run by Henry Aldridge & Son in Devizes, Wiltshire. Auctioneer Andrew Aldridge said: “The menu is a remarkable survivor from the most famous ocean liner of all time.” The menu bears an embossed White Star Line flag and would have originally shown gilt lettering depicting the initials OSNC (Ocean Steamship Navigation Company) alongside the lettering “RMS Titanic”.


“Hebrew Pocket Watch, Frozen in Time of Titanic Wreck, to Be Auctioned.” The Times of Israel, 11 Nov. 2023, www.timesofisrael.com/hebrew-pocket-watch-frozen-in-time-of-titanic-wreck-to-be-auctioned.

A pocket watch, frozen in time when the Titanic went underwater, is set to sell at auction Saturday, with an expected sales price of nearly $100,000. That’s nearly 30 times the value of the ticket that Sinai Kantor, a Russian Jew on his way to New York City, spent for his ticket on the “unsinkable” ship. Numbers on the Swiss-made, silver-on-brass watch are written in Hebrew numerals and its hands are nearly all deteriorated, due to saltwater exposure — but dried water marks indicate that time stopped at 2:25 a.m., about five minutes after the Titanic sank. Its back features an embossed, solemn, muscular Moses holding the Ten Commandments on a background of date palms.

“Water-stained Menu for Titanic’s First Class Restaurant Which Shows Rich Diners Feasted on Oysters,…” Mail Online, 31 Oct. 2023, www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12692617/Water-stained-menu-Titanics-class-restaurant-shows-rich-diners-feasted-oysters-lamb-mallard-duck-doomed-cruise-liner-sank-goes-sale-60-000.html.

The never-before-seen menu shows the likes of millionaires JJ Astor, Benjamin Guggenheim, Sir Cosmo Duff-Gordon and the ‘Unsinkable’ Molly Brown indulged in oysters, Squab a la Godard, Spring Lamb, Tournedo of Beef a la Victoria, mallard duck and Apricots Bourdaloue. Only a handful of Titanic menus are known to exist today – but those are for the night of the tragedy when passengers had them in their jacket or coat pockets.https://youtu.be/7hYBesohRK0?si=cXh5hoNfMf02I1DJ


Halloween Titanic News

The Grand Staircase of the RMS Olympic
Photo:Public Domain (Wikipedia)

Titanic Exhibition at Guildhall Is Rare and Fascinating
Malvern Gazette, 29 Oct. 2023

The sell-out Titanic Exhibition, which runs until November 4, drew in large crowds at Worcester Guildhall on the city’s High Street where they had a chance to get close to unusual objects from survivors and from the wreck itself. Crowds have been left spellbound by the haunting photographs and artefacts at the exhibition, which opened on Wednesday, telling her story from her beginning to her tragic end.


S.S. Keewatin 2007
Public Domain (via Wikipedia)

Titanic-era Steamship Arrives at New Home in Kingston
CBC, 29 Oct. 2023

One of the world’s largest remaining Edwardian steamships, the S.S. Keewatin, has arrived at its new home at a museum in Kingston, Ont., after sailing through the Great Lakes from Georgian Bay near Barrie. The vessel is older than the Titanic. It had been docked at Port McNicoll in Georgian Bay, which was once a vital stop along a Canadian Pacific Railway shipping route. The museum secured a heritage designation for the Keewatin and will fund about $2 million in major repairs. Later on, Keewatin will open as a museum exhibit in a dry dock.

Titanic Related Ghost Story

Michael Imperioli relates in Celebrity Ghost Stories of encountering a ghost in an old New York hotel. The ghost was of a woman who lost her fiancé on the Titanic. You can watch it and other ghost stories on  on YouTube below.




Wednesday Titanic News

Titanic Lunch Menu 14 April 1912
Photo: AP

Titanic, the Luxury on the Plate Breaking Latest News, 25 Oct. 2023

What did Jack and Rose and all the other guests on the Titanic eat and drink? Get ready to replicate some of the sophisticated recipes that were served to passengers of the legendary ocean liner. Amaze everyone by organizing parties in perfect Edwardian style and relive the magic of one of the most loved films of all time.” This is the chosen approach which is carried forward to the end.



Carnival Radiance
Carnival Radiance is pictured docked in Ensenada, Mexico on 29 January 2023.
Photo: Tunestoons via Wikiamedia Commons

Titanic Experience’: Terrifying Moment Water Gushes From Carnival Cruise Ship Ceiling
NZ Herald, 25 Oct. 2023

A passenger on board a luxury cruise has captured the moment the ship began to flood through the ceilings in what one has described as “absolutely terrifying”. Carnival Radiance passenger Amber was staying on the seventh floor when she noticed a torrent of water come flooding through her room at 2am. On the first night of their cruise starting from California, Amber was woken suddenly to “water gushing into our room from the ceiling”. She then opened her door and stepped outside, only to find more rivers of water running down the walkways inside the ship.

According to the news report, it was a burst line that caused the water damage. The line was fixed all the water cleaned up in the hallway and rooms affected.

Additional news source:
Cruise Ship Floods as Gallons of Water Leak From Ceiling in Alarming Video: ‘Absolutely Terrifying.
New York Post, 25 Oct. 2023


Saturday Titanic News: RMS Titanic Inc Abandons Trying to Recover Marconi Set from Wreck

Company Once Run By Titanic Expert PH Nargeolet Finally CANCELS Trip To The Vessel To Retrieve Artifacts From Debris Field Of Famed Shipwreck
Mail Online, 12 Oct. 2023

The company that owns the salvage rights to the Titanic shipwreck has axed plans to retrieve more artifacts from the site days after the US Coast Guard pulled additional human remains from the doomed Titan sub. The decision was taken ‘out of respect’ for the firm’s director, Paul-Henri Nargeolet, who was among the five people killed in the horror implosion earlier this year, according to court documents filed in a US District Court on Wednesday. RMS Titanic said its plans now only include imaging at the wreck site and surveys to refine ‘future artifact recovery.’


Image:Premier Exhibitions

Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition’ Opens Thursday at Cox Science Center and Aquarium
Palm Beach Daily News, 11 Oct. 2023 www.palmbeachdailynews.com/story/entertainment/local/2023/10/11/cox-science-center-aquarium-announce-opening-of-titanic-the-artifact-exhibition/71132201007

The Cox Science Center & Aquarium on Tuesday unveiled “Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition,” for a preview of the exhibit that opens Thursday. The exhibit, which has drawn crowds around the world, allows visitors to play the role of passengers or crew as they travel through the history of the R.M.S Titanic and experience the more than 100 recovered items on display.

The exhibit runs from 14 Oct 2023- 14 April 2024. For information about tickets and hours of operation, go to https://www.coxsciencecenter.org/Titanic.


Expert Shares New Theory on How Titanic Submarine Imploded Killing 5 on Board
The Mirror, 11 Oct. 2023

Michael Chillit, an analyst who has conducted a search into the missing MH370 flight over the past five years, also launched his own investigation into the Titan submersible. Discussing the recent finds on X (formerly Twitter) he identified a possible point of failure that led to the implosion. He wrote: “Will now be even more interesting to know if they have ever recovered any part of the observation port? There was a lot of speculation that it was the observation port that failed, but now a damaged landing frame and a fully intact rear hemisphere suggests to me that failure occurred in the composite near where it was joined to the frame and the aft hemisphere. Time will tell. Important advance.” He later clarified that the failure was “in the area where the landing frame, the hull, and the Titanium end-cap were joined.”


Countdown to Halloween!

Here is a tune from the old Disney classic Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Released in 1949 with as part of a movie called The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad, and was narrated by Bing Crosby. The short animation included  Crosby some wonderful tunes. In the 1960’s, Disney released an updated version of many of its famous tunes. One of them was the song Headless Horseman that was originally sung by Bing Crosby. Using the distinctive sound of Thurl Ravenscroft, it made the song more deeper-and scarier-than what Crosby did. His distinctive voice was used all over Disney and in their parks. And this particular rendition is worth a listen. You can listen to it on YouTube.



Titanic News for 10 Oct 2023

Jack-o-lantern Pumpkins Glowing in the Dark
Petr Kratochvil, publicdomainpictures.net

Is the Titanic Wreckage Haunted? Inside the Ghostly Sightings
Green Matters, Oct. 2023

Although these ghostly sightings and happenings can’t be proven scientifically, plenty of people are believers in the spirit world and in phenomena like glowing orbs to show something is present that can’t be explained. In addition to the wreckage of the actual Titanic, the ‘Titan’ submersible that imploded in June 2023 offers a new spin on the old tragedy, which will likely spawn new accounts of hauntings.


Treasures From the Doomed Titanic Come to Melbourne
PerthNow, 7 Oct. 2023

Despite sinking 111 years ago the Titanic continues to fascinate, with an exhibition featuring more than 200 artefacts from the doomed ocean liner coming to Melbourne. TITANIC: The Artefact Exhibition will be on display at the Melbourne Museum from December 16 after a sell-out run in Paris. The exhibit includes a section of the Titanic hull that visitors will be able to touch, as well as some of the vast collection of objects salvaged from the sea floor.

For more information about the dates, times, and ticket prices, go to https://museumsvictoria.com.au/melbournemuseum/whats-on/titanic-the-artefact-exhibition/

Friday Titanic News and the First Armed Train Robbery in U.S (6 Oct 1866)

Little-known facts about the Titanic that may surprise you
MSN.com, 3 Oct 2023

This is a gallery of interesting tidbits you may find worthwhile.


Neil deGrasse Tyson Said James Cameron Got the Sky All Wrong in the ‘Titanic’ Sinking Scene
Insider, 3 Oct. 2023

There have been many criticisms, some fair or not, about Cameron’s Titanic. So apparently the night sky was not accurate. Fair enough, coming from someone who would seem to know. I assume he set up the appropriate simulation (which can be done these days) and with all the data we have input it and then voila! You get the night sky as it should have been back in 1912. I bet James Cameron will not lose any sleep missing this important detail. Out of audience of how many-millions-and no one except the eminent Neil deGrasse Tyson, eager to sell a new book tells the world the night sky in that movie was all wrong. Well, it got some attention, which I suppose is what he wanted. I am all for being accurate and routinely disappointed when historical movies get characters and even dates wrong. Great movies like Quo Vadis, a great sword and sandal movie, is very wrong about many things (although Peter Ustinov nails Nero) but is a great movie none the less. So, I am not going to worry that the night sky in that movie was not shown as it was in 1912. Nor should anyone for that matter since the movie is historical fiction based on real events. So, pop the popcorn and enjoy the movie.


Interesting History: The First Train Robbery in U.S. History (6 Oct 1866)

Steam Trains Vintage Poster
Karen Arnold, publicdomainpibtures.net

In the early days of this country, traveling was hazardous. Roads were poor, especially in winter. Near cities it was not too bad but the further out you were, it was more treacherous. Roads, such as they were, were poorly kept. And of course, thieves (tagged highway robbers, blackguards, and other notable names) loved to prey on travelers. Stealing from a train though seemed implausible to many since trains moved pretty swiftly, at least most of the time.

Now train robberies had occurred before this date but these were mainly done in freight yards or when the train was stationary sitting in a depot. So, it was a bit of a shock when the Reno Gang stopped a train in Jackson County, Indiana and made off with $13,000. They boarded the Ohio & Mississippi train at the Seymour depot and once the train was underway made their way wearing masks until entering a car owned by the Adams Express Company. The company delivered bank drafts, documents, and packages for clients. He was ordered to open the safes, but he only could access one. He opened it and they took gold coins totaling $10,000 and bank notes worth about $3,000. There was another safe they tried to open but couldn’t and tossed it off the train. They never got it open.

They signaled for the train to stop, hopped off, and disappeared into the night. The Reno Brothers were well known gang before and after the Civil War and caused lots of headaches. The gang frequently robbed post offices, homes, and murdered those who might talk about them. Their audacious robbery of a train would soon be imitated by other gangs and would become part of the lore of the old west. Trains carrying gold, cash, and other precious metal would become targets and became frequent in the 1870’s-1880’s. And they would become more deadly over time. Railroads were anxious to stop this banditry as it caused lots of bad press, angry passengers, and impacted shipping. So, they began adding armed guards to their trains along with horses in some cases so they could give chase. Bounties were made and the famous Pinkerton Agency was used to help track them down as well.

To make it more difficult to offload safes, they were made extra heavy all but making it impossible to toss them off the trains. And the people on the train may not have access to those safes for security reasons either making it useless to try and hold up the train (except to rob the passengers). While in the early days targeting trains was easy, deadly shootouts between the armed guards and gangs made it not worth trying as time went on. The Reno Brothers, an already notorious gang before and after the Civil War, added this to their roster of crimes that included robbing post offices, banks, homes, and murder. It did not end well for them. In 1868 after another successful train robbery that netted them $96,000, they were captured and held in jail pending trial. They had badly beaten an armed guard in the robbery and when he died while they were in jail, a vigilante mob was formed. They broke into the jail and took the Reno Brothers (Frank, William, and Sim) out and hung them from a tree.

Like most gangs, they had their supporters who threatened retaliation. The vigilantes-officially called the Jackson County Vigilance Committee-made it known that any retaliation would be met fiercely, which seems to have worked. While many in law enforcement wanted to bring them to trial and were not happy with this action, none of the vigilantes were identified or brought to trial for their actions. This ended one of the darker periods in southern Indiana history. The Reno Brothers Gang though would fade in memory while other gangs (such as the James Gang) would become more well known.


“The Reno Brothers Carry Out the First Train Robbery in U.S. History.”
HISTORY, 24 Nov. 2009

Daley, Jason. “How the Reno Gang Launched the Era of American Train Robberies.” Smithsonian Magazine, 6 Oct. 2016

HistoryNet. “Reno Gangs Reign of Terror.”
HistoryNet, 9 Aug. 2016

“Reno Gang and the 1st Big Train Robbery”
Legends of America, June 2021
Accessed 6 Oct. 2023.

Remains of the Titan

The world is still in shock over what happened with the submersible Titan. What started out as a routine dive to see the wreck of the famous ship ended in tragedy when above the wreck explosive decompression happened. The result was quick as it was explosive. The submersible and everyone aboard died. Above no one in the support craft above knew what happened. All contact was lost and realizing something bad had happened, called for immediate assistance. Remarkably in a very short period of time governments of Britain, Canada, and United States sent resources (planes, ships, and sonar buoys). Private ships came as well with remote operated vehicles and decompression chambers. Sadly, the worst fears of many were confirmed when its debris field was found. For the families, many of which were aboard the support vessel, it became a moment of grief and sadness.

Newspapers all over the world reported the news as did the broadcast and social media. Hope was raised when banging was heard leading some to speculate that perhaps the submersible was trapped and soon it would be found. What that really was is unknown. It might have been with so many ships in the area the sounds were echoes of screws turning in the water or an anomaly of some kind. The U.S. Navy reportedly picked up the implosion on Sunday but whether they reported it to the US and Canadian Coast Guard’s is unknown at this time. If they were informed, then what unfolded later was a waste of time and resources. Certainly, some are suggesting that such as James Cameron, who made the famous movie Titanic that is still a hit to this day. Also, now we are hearing from people who thought the submersible was not as safe as OceanGate said it was. Some have noted power issues on a dive requiring it to be brought back up. And it appears that the implication in literature provided by the company that it been declared safe by various institutions (such as Boeing and NASA) was not wholly accurate. They were consulted but nothing else.

Probably the most obnoxious comments have come from people who think that rich people paying for such a luxury ride deserved more or less what they got. And to add more insult that since they could afford such a trip meant they were not being taxed enough. This is typical of commentators these days to latch onto a tragedy to push their own policies and get some attention in the news media. And attention is got as postings on social media indicate that most people did not share their views at all. In fact, most said what they did with their money was their own business. They choose to pay for a ride to the wreck which many have done in the past. And it bears remembering that this company is the second one to do this. The first one ran it for several years but ended the excursions over the rising costs and other issues. Many who took it under that company had mostly good things to say about it (and it cost considerably less).

Now it turns to a recovery and investigation. The bodies are likely never to be found (due to the pressure at that depth, the implosion liquified their bodies) so it is the remains of the submersible that will be brought up and examined by both the Canadians and Americans. They know it was an implosion but how it happened will have to be found out. Lots of interviews and documents will have to be done and it will be a while before we get a clear picture of what happened. The most likely theories are metal fatigue and or a micro-fracture that led to it. A lot of scrutiny will be focused on how the submersible was built, materials used, ongoing maintenance and inspections. And as surely as night turns today, there will be a lawsuit (perhaps several) about how the company was negligent in handling the submersible.

For the moment we first offer our condolences to the families that lost loved ones in this tragedy. Nothing we say can truly take away the loss but we can help through our prayers that they will be comforted.

(Updated)ALERT: Titanic Submersible Missing

When we have updates to this news story, they will be posted here. Please check back for updates.



‘Debris field’ discovered in search for Titanic sub contains its ‘rear cover and landing frame’ which indicates ‘catastrophic implosion’, say experts
Daily Mail, 22 June 2023


22 June 2023 10:15 A.M. PDT

As of this morning, the search continues for the missing submersible to Titanic containing 5 people. At this point, the air may have run out but efforts to locate are ongoing. Underwater noises, possibly banging, were heard by Canadian aircraft and so the search is continuing in the area where the noises were detected. The U.S. Coast Guard is reporting that a debris field has been found in the search area.

News Reports

Live updating: Missing Titanic submersible live updates: Desperate push to find sub before oxygen supply runs out

‘We’re not giving up’: Coast Guard say hunt for Titanic five is still a rescue mission and they are looking for survivors despite oxygen supply running out – as robots trawl ocean floor and OceanGate co-founder insists they have ‘longer than we think”
Daily Mail, 22 June 2023

21 June 2023, 21:50 PDT

The search expanded Wednesday focusing on the area where Canadian aircraft detected underwater noises. Remote operated vehicles were used but the U.S. Coast Guard said that so far it has not yielded any results. The New York Post is reporting that in 2022 that an excursion was cut short after four hours due to the vessel’s battery suddenly draining down to 40% causing it to return to the surface. Also the same paper is reporting that the wife of Stockton Rush is a descendant of Isador and Ida Strauss.

News Reports

6/21 9:25 PDT

It is being reported that “underwater noises” have been detected by Canadian aircraft prompting U.S. Coast Guard to deploy remotely operated vehicles in the areas where the noise or banging sounds were heard. So far nothing has been reported on the results of the search. Meanwhile Deep Energy has arrived on the scene and is deploying remote operated subs to locate Titan. Other equipment is now arriving in Newfoundland to be used to assist in finding the missing submersible. Various experts note the banging noises being reported are a hopeful sign the crew aboard Titan is alive. Other ships that will aid in the recovery of Titan are en route. CEO Stockton Rush had said previously Titan had been deemed safe by NASA, Boeing and The University of Washington but news reports today indicate NASA and University of Washington were only consulted and not involved in its construction.
News Links:

6/20 20:25 PDT

It is now confirmed that the fifth passenger aboard Titan is Paul-Henri Nargeole. OceanGate has confirmed that its CEO Stockton Rush is aboard and the pilot for Titan. Pakistani businessman Shahzada Dawood and his son, Suleman are  also aboard. According to NBC news: “Canadian Coast Guard, Navy, and private research and commercial vessels with remotely operated vehicles have responded or were en route to help Tuesday, officials said. The U.S. and Canada also have planes searching.”

6/20 9:50 a.m. PDT

Both the U.S. and Canadian Coast Guard are searching for the missing submersible using sonar buoys and other means. As of Tuesday morning, the AP is reporting that 10,000 miles had been searched. The submersible named Titan pulled out at 6:00 a.m. Sunday morning and all the required safety pings were heard until 45 minutes into the descent. Nothing has been heard since. They have approximately 96 hours of air, so they will run out of it by Thursday unless rescued. Experts consulted are not hopeful if Titan experienced a hull breach or lost all power. The best case scenario is that they are bobbling out there near the surface. If they are on the seabed, the chances of rescue are very difficult. As of now, only one person has been confirmed as being aboard: Hamish Harding, the chairman of global sales company Action Aviation. Experienced diver and Titanic expert Paul-Henri Nargeolet is believed to be aboard but unconfirmed at this time.



Submarine on expedition to Titanic wreck missing with 5 aboard; “search and rescue operation” underway
CBS News, 19 June 2023

A search and rescue mission was underway Monday for a submarine that went missing in the North Atlantic on an expedition to explore the wreckage of the Titanic. Lt. Jordan Hart of the U.S. Coast Guard in Boston first confirmed to CBS News that personnel were “currently undergoing a search and rescue operation” when asked about the rescue efforts off the coast of Newfoundland. At a news conference Monday afternoon, Rear Admiral John Mauger confirmed that five people were aboard. A Coast Guard official identified them as an operator and four mission specialists — a term the company uses for its passengers.

Thursday Titanic: Amazing Images, Brittle Steel, and Treasures

Amazing New Images

It is amazing what the new images of Titanic are showing. Once of them is a of a gold chain that featured the tooth of a Megalodon, a pre-historic shark. According to the Daily Mirror, this is one of the finds made possible with the technology used to examine the shipwreck giving us such deep details as this. Despite it being found, there is little chance it will ever be brought up. Its original owner is long dead and likely got a settlement from White State over its loss. No doubt it was stunning to wear.

Titanic Wreck Bow
Image: Public Domain (NOAA-http://www.gc.noaa.gov/images/gcil/ATT00561.jpg)

Brittle Steel Contributed to Titanic’s Demise

For most, there is little doubt what sank Titanic but what contributed to is sinking. The Daily Mirror reports that a new book by Jennifer Hooper McCarty and Timothy Foecke that provides more detail on their theory about how brittle steel contributed to making it easier for the ship to sink. McCarty made this claim in the National Geographic special Titanic: How It Really Sank. This was backed up when Timothy Foecke’s own study with the National Institute of Standards and Technology(NIST) which confirmed her findings. Examining steel and rivet samples from the Titanic debris field showed it had three times the amount of slag normally in iron. This allowed it to become brittle at cold temperatures and made it easier for the iceberg to pierce the hull. Sonar images and other things have been used to substantiate the claim.

Needless to say, this is controversial in the Titanic community. Harland & Wolff deny the claim and many Titanic researchers do as well. Nevertheless, this is not as outlandish as theory. Many ships built for the Great Lakes in the early part of the 20th century had too much sulphur or phosphorus in the steel. This made them highly susceptible to being damaged in powerful storms and contributed to ships breaking apart. So it is recognized that it can happen. The allegation in the documentary is that Harland & Wolff, in order to save costs, decided to go for less expensive rivets at the very front (a common practice). Now whether they knew this would make the ship more susceptible to damage and becoming brittle at cold temperatures is unknown.

Treasures of Titanic & Liability Law

Front Page, New York Herald, 15 April 1912
Public Domain (U.S. Library of Congress,www.loc.gov)

It goes without saying that Titanic, thanks to all the wealthy people aboard, had lots of valuables that ended up at the bottom of the sea. The Daily Mail has a list of them for you to gaze at. When you consider the value of what was lost, it is amazing how White Star Line managed to use the then very limited liability laws to keep from shelling out millions of British pounds. In the U.S. and most maritime countries, liability is limited to the value of the ship. And the U.S. law that the owner of the vessel cannot be held financially responsible for loss of life since the ship has no value once it sank.

A terrible boat fire in 2019 aboard the dive boat Conception brought the issue to a head. 34 died in that fire but when it became known that the boat owners not only had no liability but sued under that law to limit liability, it sparked outage. So the old 1851 law was amended in 2022 and signed by President Joe Biden in 2023.. The new law allows that owner of a boat to be held legally responsible for their actions and allows claimants up to two years to file claims. No longer is the value of the ship or boat a factor. The owner of the Conception had been found at fault by the National Traffic Safety Board (it also found fault with the Coast Guard as well) with numerous safety violations and inadequate fire watch on the boat while anchored. The old law precluded much in the way of damages owing to limitations. That has now changed and other laws to add more safety laws to small vessels are being done.