Wreck of SS Mesaba Found

The only picture of the Marconi radio room onboard the Titanic. Harold Bride is seated at his station. Photo was taken by Father Francis Browne, SJ, while aboard Titanic.
Public Domain/Wikimedia Commons

The ship that sent the iceberg warning to Titanic has been located according to the BBC. The SS Mesaba was crossing the Atlantic Ocean on April 1912 and sent a wireless message to the Titanic about the ice it had spotted. The warning never reached the bridge. The SS Mesaba was sunk by a German torpedo in World War I and her remains in the Irish Sea were not located until recently. “ Now using state-of-the art multibeam sonar, Bangor University researchers have been able to identify the Mesaba’s wreck and pinpoint her final resting place.”


Titanic: Ship that sent iceberg warning found in Irish Sea
BBC, 27 Sept 2022