Titanic News:Man Creates Handmade Titanic;Mansion Has Connection To Titanic

City Man Recreates Famed Titanic In Painstaking Detail (Sarnia Journal, 23 Dec 2020)

A handmade replica of the RMS Titanic is ready to set sail for a new home. Sarnia’s Dave Finley spent 1,095 days and 3,000 hours creating the eight-foot-long passenger liner from parts he minutely crafted himself. “It’s completely scratch built,” said Finley, 61. “It’s pretty decked out. There’s a lot of detail.” From the handrails to the 48 boilers within its hull, the Titanic has been painstakingly remade from wood and metal and wrapped in plastic sheets painted to match the ship that sank in 1912. Finley used 10,000 brass nails and dressmaker pins for rivets, and tiny chunks of charcoal to fill the coalbunkers within. The engine room made of brass and copper took two months to complete. “I can’t put no more on; there’s just nothing left to put on,” he said.

The Abandoned Mansion With A Shocking Titanic Secret (Slideshow) MSN Money, 21 Dec 2020

Widener had been an investor in iconic passenger liner, RMS Titanic. In 1912, George, his wife Eleanor, and their son Harry, planned to travel home on the ship’s maiden voyage, following a family holiday in Europe. George is said to have hosted a luxurious dinner party aboard the ship, celebrating its splendor (and his father’s investment). The lavish event was attended by Titanic’s now-famous captain, E J Smith, who departed early due to iceberg warnings.