Titanic News:Loraine Allison Update, Plaque For Titanic Lookout Reginald Lee,Historic Titanic Poem Comes Home

Mystery1. Loraine Allison Update
The Scientist ran a story about the Loraine Allison/Helen Kramer controversy. For those new to the story, please go to The Titanic Mystery Files: The Case of Loraine Allison/Helen Loriane Kramer and read the details. This article shows how forensic scientist Tracy Oost became associated with Loraine Allison Identification Project and obtained genetic samples for DNA analysis. DNA Diagnostics Center in Fairfield, Ohio conducted the analysis and determined that there was no possibility that Helen Kramer was Loraine Allison. Of course that has not stopped Debrina Woods or other supporters questioning the validity of the analysis. Wood’s claims their documentation “paints a completely different story.” Her website  states: “Regarding the premature, insensitive, irresponsible and INACCURATE Press announcements: NO WAY IS THIS MYSTERY SOLVED…

Except of course it is unless they can prove otherwise. So far Woods has produced nothing that contradicts the mDNA analysis. She claims to have support of some family members and even an Allison family member. Further at the website it claims:

We wish to thank everyone who has withheld judgments based on information supplied by the heavily biased hostiles involved (descendants of those my book will disclose as being implicated in much sinister wrong doing) and others, in attempting to discredit, confuse and suppress this story.

So her book will disclose sinister wrong doing likely by Allison family members and others. Tracy Oost says Woods needs to accept the fact the DNA test proves she is wrong. It seems unlikely, considering the tenor one reads at her website. More likely is that once the book is published she will seek maximum exposure on news shows and through Titanic organizations. And there is a hint that legal action is forthcoming from her against the Allison family and others associated with the mDNA analysis.
Source:Unsinkable Evidence (1 May2014,The Scientist)

Reginald Lee Photo: public domain
Reginald Lee
Photo: public domain

2. Plaque For Titanic Lookout At Grave
Reginald Lee, with Frederick Fleet, were the lookouts on duty aboard Titanic when the iceberg was sighted. He survived the sinking and was in lifeboat 13. He also testified at both the American and Titanic inquiries. But he passed away a year later from pneumonia and buried in Highland Road Cemetery next to his parents. But no one had ever put a plaque near his grave indicating his connection to Titanic. However The News reports that a plaque was indeed placed near his grave on the anniversary of Titanic’s sinking. The news article has a photograph of the plaque.
1. Plaque To Commemorate A Titanic Rowing Hero(20 May 2014,The News)
2.Reginald Robinson Lee (Encyclopedia Titanica)

3. Titanic Poem Returns Home
100 years ago two students at Blue Coats School wrote a poem about Titanic. That school is gone but memories of the poem lingered in some families who had relatives who attended the school and recited the poem. So a search was undertaken to find the actual poem or anyone who had information about it. And the work paid off because the poem was found in the sales office of Bellway Homes’ Bluecoats development, on the site where the school once stood. A reproduction of the poem now hangs on the main entrance of the Old Schoolhouse.
Source:Historic Titanic Poem Returns To Hang In Former Sheffield School(19 May 2014,The Star)

4.Not A Good Sign:Yacht Sinks On Maiden Launch
An 85-foot yacht on its maiden launch in Anacortes, Washington capsized. The yacht tipped over with six people on board. No one was injured though one person did get minor cuts and scrapes caused by having to pull him through a porthole that had to be cut open by axe. The yacht has since been righted and an investigation is underway to determine what happened. So far no word of a cursed mummy aboard.
Source:Capsized Yacht Pulled Upright; Sinking Cause Unknown (20 May 2014,Skagit Valley Herald)

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