Titanic News: Impressions of Titanic Exhibitions

Titanic Memorial, Washington D.C.(1940)
Photo: Public Domain(U.S.Library of Congress, Harris & Ewing Collection)

Titanic exhibitions can be quite moving. Many people derive what they know about Titanic from that famous movie. And while good, it does not convey the true depth of the story. The exhibitions are not entertainment like a movie but evidence of the real tragic event that occurred in 1912 and the people that died as a result. When you see trivial tacky things like iceberg Titanic ice cubes or other things. you realize the makers of these things have no appreciation as to what really happened that night. So take the time, if a Titanic exhibition is nearby, to see it. You might find out a lot you did not know about Titanic and those who sailed on her.


“We Learned the History & Personal Stories Aboard the Titanic at This Exhibit.” Secret DC, 5 Dec. 2023, secretdc.com/titanic-exhibit-review.

One of the most heartbreaking parts of the exhibit was seeing all the names of passengers who perished or who’s lives were affected by this tragedy. Seeing all of those names was emotionally moving.

Titanic. The Exhibition at National Harbor, MD
December 10, 2023 -January 7, 2024


“Real Stories and Pieces of the Titanic on Display in Melbourne.” ABC Listen, 4 Dec. 2023, www.abc.net.au/listen/programs/melbourne-breakfast/titanic/103184228.

“It was the most luxurious way of travel at the time — two classes were travelling together, the rich of the world and immigration – then there is the tragedy itself.” She tells Sammy J that artefacts of the shipwreck, including a piece of the hull, can be seen for the first time at the upcoming TITANIC: The Artefact Exhibition in Melbourne.

(Note this is a radio interview, so you will need to click the link to listen).