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Titanic Olympic Gold Medalist who Survived Titanic; Make-A-Wish Sends Dad to Wreck; RIP David Warner

When Did The Titanic Sink? How Many People Survived? What To Know About The Famous Wreck (USA Today,  23 Jul 2022)

Chances are you’ve heard the story of the RMS Titanic. On its voyage from the United Kingdom to New York City, the ocean liner hit an iceberg and sank. The wreck, famously dramatized in a 1997 movie, is a real-life event that made headlines  in the early 1900s. But what’s fact and what’s fiction?

July 21, 1924: The Day Titanic Survivor Dick Williams Won Olympic Gold (Tennismajors.com, 21 Jul 2022)

On this day, July 21, 1924, Dick Williams claimed the gold medal after winning the mixed doubles at the Olympic Games in Paris, partnering Hazel Wightman. Twelve years before, Williams had survived the sinking of the Titanic and had closely escaped having his leg amputated after remaining for hours in the icy waters of the Northern Atlantic Ocean.

Dad From South Stormont Visits Titanic Wreckage Through Make-A-Wish Contest (Standard Freeholder, 20 Jul 2022)

After arriving home on Monday, MacLennan said he is feeling the jetlag, but also an overwhelming sense gratitude for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. He boarded the eight-day expedition with a number of researchers and civilians, where he learned about the marine ecosystems that live on and around the wreck site. This included Paul Henri Nargeolet, a famous Titanic diver, and Rory Golden, the first Irish diver to visit the site of RMS Titanic.

RIP David Warner (29 July 1941 – 24 July 2022)

David Warner was one of those actors who made his appearance memorable no matter what he was in-film, television, or stage. He is often remembered for his memorable villains, but he played his fair share of regular ones as well. I remember well from an early movie that has been mostly forgotten now: Time After Time (1979) where he plays Jack the Ripper who uses H.G. Welles time machine to escape (and to be followed by H.G. Welles). He got a Saturn Award nomination for best supporting actor. Whether he was playing Nazi figures (he played Reinhard Heydrich in two different tv miniseries) or playing Bob Cratchit in A Christmas Carol (1984) that was memorable considering the lead was none other than George C. Scott. He was a talented actor and widely respected for his skills. He will be missed.