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Former Ryerson House For Sale, New Titanic Exhibition in London.


RMS Olympic First Class Lounge (1912)
Photo: Robert John Welch (1859-1936), official photographer for Harland & Wolff
Public Domain/Wikimedia Commons

An Immersive Titanic Exhibition Has Floated Into London (Londonist. 17 Dec 2021)

Want to see how plush the top end cabins were on the Titanic? Well now you can — thanks to a major exhibition that includes recreations of parts of the ship. We get to ‘board’ the experience along a ramp with suitcases either side, see what the third class cabins looked like, and then wander along a corridor styled as the first class section, complete with fancy light fixtures. The exhibition includes some items from the sunken ship itself — no mean feat given where it ended up. It also includes items from the dockyard where it was built, and from less remembered sister ship The Olympic, which thankfully didn’t sink. When it comes to actual items from the ship, a plate or a journal may not look like much but it’s the tragic human stories that go with them that are powerful: among them the wedding ring of a poor woman who tried to cling to the side of a life raft, but succumbed to the freezing waters — though not before the ring slipped off her finger, and was found days later in the bottom of the lifeboat.

Condo In Titanic Survivor’s Mansion Hits Market For Almost $8M (The Real Deal, 15 Dec 2021)

Let’s hope the buyer doesn’t have a sinking feeling. One of two condos in the restored mansion built by a Titanic survivor hit the market for $7.65 million – more than double the price of the then-rundown home in 2017, Crain’s reported. The unit has five bedrooms across 6,400 square feet and still has some of the original finishes from an original 1917 design by David Adler and Henry Dangler. The 16,000-square-foot home was built by Emily Ryerson and her three children after they fled the Titanic in a lifeboat while traveling home for the funeral of another son, a Yale student who had been killed in a car accident. Her husband, Arthur Ryerson, was among about 1,500 people who lost their lives.


Nice picture of a moonset over the Pigeon Point Lighthouse in California



The Paul R. Tregurtha arrived in Duluth yesterday. It was another cold day-16 degrees F and there was a lot of people watching her arrive. I estimate between 75-100 (possibly more) that lined the park from the cam views shown in the video. She gave a master salute as she came in.