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Titanic News: Exhibits Coming To Toledo & Israel;Titanic II Update;Faulty Rivets and a Kosher Butcher

1. The Blade reports that Titanic:The Artifact Exhibition will be coming to Imagination Station on 15 Feb and runs till 15 June 2014. A number of special events are planned including a visit by Molly Brown’s great-grandaughter Helen Benziger. For information and tickets, go to imaginationstationtoledo.org.
Source: Titanic Display To Dock In Downtown Toledo(7 Jan 2014,The Blade)

2. Shalom Life reports a deal has been struck to bring Titanic artifacts to Israel Trade Fairs Center in Tel Aviv for about three months. Further details as to the date of the exhibition has not yet been disclosed.
Source:The Titanic Sets Sail for Tel Aviv(27 Dec 2013,Shalom Life)

3. Cruise Ship News reports that if all goes on schedule, the keel will be laid for Titanic II in March. So far it has all been model testing and using various companies that will contribute to its construction and outfitting.
Source: Titanic 2 Ship Progress Leap In March(6 Jan 2014,Cruise Ship News)

4. Willamette Week has an interview with Jennifer Hooper McCarty, a metallurgist who helped study 48 rivets pulled from Titanic. In her book What Really Sank the Titanic, her findings were that some rivets contained poor quality iron. These rivets in the bow and stern had excessive slag contributing to weak regions. However this was not detectable during normal safety checks but later resulted in rivet failure.
Source:Voices 2014: Faulty Rivets Sunk the Titanic:Jennifer Hooper McCarty, metallurgist
(31 Dec 2013,Willamette Week)

5. The Coventry Telegraph reports that the last living contact with J. Bruce Ismay passed away at age 100. Agnes Thwaite worked as a cook and kitchen maid at the household of Bruce Ismay in London. Despite the public perception of Ismay, she recalled he was kind and generous to his staff.
Coventry Woman Who Worked For Builder Of The Titanic Dies (31 Dec 2013,Coventry Telegraph)

6.Haaretz reports that the Kosher butcher shop that supplied Titanic will be preserved thanks to funding from late Jewish philanthropist Sir Isaac Wolfson. The iconic green-tiled Galkoff’s had been designated for demolition and building a new research wing for Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine.
Source: Iconic Kosher Butcher Shop That Supplied Titanic To Be Preserved(30 Dec 2013,Haaretz)

An interview with Rob Galkoff about the history of the butcher shop can be viewed at YouTube.

Friday Titanic News

1. The Times & Star (UK) is reporting of a plan to erect a Titanic memorial to inform visitors of Maryport’s Titanic link. The idea came from a resident discussing ways to spend a £10,000 grant given to boost town centres. The plaque will be erected next to the Factory Shop in Senhouse Street. Bruce Ismay, White Star Line owner, was from Maryport.

Source: Times & Star, Titanic Memorial Planned For Maryport, 7 Dec 2012

2. Pendletoday (U.K.) is reporting on a call to support Colne’s The Titanic in Lancashire Museum which recently put binoculars presented to Carpathia Captain (and Titanic survivor rescuer) Aruther Rostron up for sale on eBay. The museum is under severe financial stress and is forced to sell to cover costs. Museum curator Nigel Hampson is hoping for donations and possibly a sponsor to held meet their needs. Further information how to donate at Titanic in Lancashire Museum.

Source: pendletoday.co.uk, Titanic Museum In Colne Needs Support, 7 Dec 2012


1. Anna Marie D’angelo writes approvingly in The Vancouver Sun (Canada) of Titanic Belfast. She visited in August and found it worth seeing. She also has tips on making reservations for Titanic Belfast. Also remember to pack rain gear even in summer!

Source: Vancouver Sun, Titanic Belfast Is An Immense Hit, 7 Dec 2012