Hartley Violin Update

Steven Turner, author of The Band That Played On about Titanic musicians, offers his own Wallace Hartley's Violinviews about the Hartley violin. He is thrilled the violin has been authenticated and adds some details to the story. First, there was a replica violin made in 1912 by a Hartley friend. That violin disappeared for decades but was donated anonymously in 1974 to Youth Orchestra in Colne, Hartley’s old hometown.

He believes the draft letter in Maria Robinson’s diary is authentic. The draft letter thanks Nova Scotia officials for giving her the violin. However there is no record whether it was actually sent or not. However he says the people mentioned in the diary “could all be traced to actual people living at the time.” With the violin authenticated, he thinks the adventures of the violin are not over yet.

Of course there still is one or two small problems that have not been resolved. First, why is there no record of Hartley’s violin being found strapped to his chest? Aldridge claims they did not inspect luggage but how could you miss it if strapped to his chest. Second, if indeed found on or near Hartley’s body, why is their no record anywhere of it being found or inspected?These nagging questions ought to be resolved.

Source: Still More Adventures Ahead For Titanic Violin (5 May 2013, Fox News)