SamTrans San Bruno Update

As noted previously SamTrans is making major changes to its schedule to cut costs and create efficiency. They did a review of all existing lines and put forth a proposal based on these findings. It is the first major system-wide change in a decade. Routes 140 and 141 which serve San Bruno faced some major changes. The final proposal has been adopted and surprisingly both routes saw major revisions to the proposed changes.

Route 140
The proposed change was to drop the Allen crossover between College and Longview, dropping the Bayhill, San Bruno Ave, and Huntington sections in favor of a going straight to San Bruno BART (SBB) down Sneath after Rollingwood. That has all been dropped and the route remains as it is now except for a proposed extension to San Francisco International Airport (SFO) AirTrain Station (pending coordination with airport).

Comment: This was a surprise. it seemed certain months ago the proposals would go through. I opposed dropping the Bayhill and San Bruno sections since people who go to Bayhill would be forced to take two buses. Also having it use San Bruno Ave meant it could stop right near the new Caltrain station. What changed? They must have gotten some really strong feedback on this and possibly from the City Council. The extension to SFO AirTrain is in response to those who work at SFO and take SamTrans and BART. BART costs a lot more because of the surcharge placed on your ticket when exiting the station. So probably many who take SamTrans to BART wanted a less costly alternative. Going to SFO AirTrain would make it less expensive for workers. They would only pay the fare for SamTrans and not have to buy a BART ticket.

Route 141
The proposed change was to drop service on most of Jenevein, no longer serve San Mateo Ave (downtown San Bruno), and Third Street. The route would shift over to San Bruno Ave where it would go to Crystal Springs, down Jenevein to Cherry, Cherry to San Bruno and then back to SBB. The revision drops that. Instead the 141 will continue using Jenevein but go down San Mateo Ave to SBB instead of turning at Angus to Third Street. The new Caltrain station will be served by this route as well. School trips will be the only times it crosses over to Third Street.

Comment: Again this was a surprise. Perhaps more people on Jenevein wanted the service than thought. Actually the thought of having this route go directly to SBB via San Mateo Avenue is something others have said before. It made no sense to go over to Third Street and back down San Bruno Ave to turn back on Huntington. The new way makes it more efficient, serves downtown San Bruno, Caltrain, and BART.

ECR (formerly 390/391)
Unfortunately the proposal on this one remains. Currently the 391 pulls into SBB but under the new schedule, the ECR will not serve this station. Instead passengers will embark/disembark at stops near Sneath & El Camino and walk to Tanforan. It is not a long walk but certainly not as convenient as it is right now.  SBB is right behind Tanforan and provides easier access. For those wanting to go to SBB using ECR, they would have to transfer either to the 140 or 141 or walk from El Camino Real. When the new Caltrain station comes on line, they could get off at the San Bruno station and catch either a 140 or 141 to Tanforan.

SamTrans wants to remind that these changes are also subject to revision down the road if things change (less passengers etc). SBB is losing the 391 and 133 leaving only the 140, 141 and shuttles serving it. The good news is that routes 140, 141 changes are not drastic and made better. It is unfortunate that the ECR will not serve SBB but not entirely unexpected either. Most people who take the 391 to SBB usually go to Tanforan or catch another bus (like the 140) rather than BART. For people wanting to head north/south on ECR, they now have to do so near Sneath & El Camino.

As a side note, SBB bus area is not a nice area. It has all the charm of an underpass, is often dirty with spilled food and other items, and some shady people hang about as well. Though San Bruno Police has its headquarters in the plaza, and BART police also is around, you rarely see any foot patrols in the plaza or bus area. How difficult is it for someone to do a walkthrough a couple times a day?

Source: SamTrans Service Plan-Final Adopted Recommendations(May 2013)

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