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Memorial To Titanic Engine Room Heroes

Memorial to the Engine Room Heroes of the Titanic St. Nicholas Place, Pier Head, Liverpool, England Photo:Public Domain
Memorial to the Engine Room Heroes of the Titanic
St. Nicholas Place, Pier Head, Liverpool, England
Photo:Public Domain

Titanic News: Matchstick Brittanic, Sinking Ferry Passengers Invoke Titanic, Titanic Soap and a Titanic Hotel

HMHS Britannic seen during World War I. Image:public domain
HMHS Britannic seen during World War I.
Image:public domain

1. David Reynolds, age 55, decided to do something to commemorate HMHS Brittanic, Titanic’s sister ship that served in World War I. So he made a matchstick model comprised of 50,000 matchsticks, glue, varnish to build his 5 foot model. And it looks pretty good from the picture in the news article. It took him 700 hours to build the model, which is radio-controlled and water tested. He has built matchstick models before. His 23 foot tall oil rig “Cathedrals of the Sea” is at the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! museum in Florida and a world record for the largest matchstick structure. The article does not reveal what he plans to do with the completed model.
Source: Remarkable Matchstick Model Of Titanic’s Sister Ship HMHS Britannic(1 May 2014,Daily Echo)

Sewol is at the moment of capsizing Photo:Korea Coast Guard
Sewol at the moment of capsizing
Photo:Korea Coast Guard

2. As we learn more about the sinking of the South Korean ferry more sad stories are emerging about its final moments. The ferry had lots of school students aboard and footage from cell phones are know surfacing, In one the kids, who do not know how dire the situation was, were heard to say ‘This is like Titanic.’ Cries of desperation are also heard in kids saying they did not want to die, this looks like the end, or asking to call mom. More harrowing are images of an arm banging on glass to get the attention of rescuers and then sadly the ferry sinks out of range of the rescuers leaving the trapped to their doom. The footage is now part of the official investigation as to what happened. The captain has been detained and facing charges as are several crew members. Two employees of the ferry’s owner have also been detained. And now we learn that there were structural issues as well. Another ship captain warned of the instability caused by adding more cabins to the ferry. All in all, this is a major screw-up and preventable tragedy. Out of 476 passengers, 174 survived. 2 crew members also perished.
Source:It’s Like The Titanic!’: Harrowing footage from aboard doomed South Korean ferry shows students joking and laughing when ship begins to capsize(1 May 2014,Daily Mail)

Poster Advertising Vinolia Otto Soap for Titanic Image:Public Domain
Poster Advertising Vinolia Otto Soap for Titanic
Image:Public Domain

3. In advertising before its sinking, Vinolia soap advertised it was being used on Titanic. In the movie A Night To Remember, Lightoller pokes fun at the advertising in the rail car scene at the beginning of the movie (in fact the actor had a reproduction of the ad he was looking at for the scene). The Vinolia Soap Works were once located in Bebington, UK , which is where a Unilever building stands today. It was a pricey soap back then costing 35 cents a bar so only people with money to spend could afford it. It was advertised as a cold cream bath soap that had “both antiseptic and antibacterial thanks to the boracic creams used in the recipe.” Vinolia was the only product given permission to advertise its connection to Titanic before the maiden voyage. The company itself was bought in the 1900’s by Lever Brothers and now part of Unilever. You can still buy the soap today but packaging may vary. At the Vermont Country Store, two bars sell for $16.00 and come in standard packaging bearing the name Vinolia. Sometimes it is packaged to show its Titanic connection such as on Amazon. As far as I can tell, they are the same product just different packaging (and prices do vary so shop accordingly).
Source:Bebington Soap Deemed Suitable For The Titanic(30 April 2014,Wirral News)

4. Denise Sheldon writes in The News Herald about how the first class ate on Titanic. They ate very well as many already know. She notes the excellent book, Last Dinner on the Titanic(Rick Archbold and Dana McCauley), as part of her article on the subject. She mentions something that does not get a lot of mention when discussing food and that its preparation was nearly all done by hand. Although Titanic had the best cooking facilities at the time, it required a huge staff to do all the prep work needed for every meal. Remember there were no food processors back then, blenders, standing mixers etc. Which meant you had to hand chop just about everything. Now that does not mean they were without any labor saving devices. They had food mills (hand cranked like the one I have to put my cooked potatoes through to make mashed potatoes), sieves, ovens, toaster racks etc. Just lower tech than what he are used to today. Today when we have tons of veggies to dice up for a crowd, we use a food processor. Back then you had teams of people to do all that chopping for every meal. At any rate Sheldon also finds a recipe, adapted for our time, with Chicken Lyonnaise. I do add a small caveat to it. I would recommend using real chicken stock rather than a broth, which are usually insipid for recipes like this. Swanson’s does have a highly rated chicken stock (highly rated by Cook’s Illustrated) or simply make your own.
Source:Titanic’s Passengers Enjoyed Fabulous Fare(30 April 2014,The News Herald)

5. The Titanic Hotel at Stanley Dock in Liverpool (not to be confused with Albion House, former home of White Star Line that is being converted into a hotel by Signature Living) is set to open in June. According to Bay Tv Liverpool:”The highly-anticipated hotel launch at Stanley Dock, Liverpool will be the first of a multi-staged redevelopment at Stanley Dock Village, which will transform the former Tobacco and South Warehouses, into an innovative residential, business, retail, educational and leisure complex.” The name Titanic Hotel is meant to concrete its connection to Titanic Centre in Belfast. While the development is certainly a positive, it certainly will be confusing to have two Titanic hotels in Liverpool. One at the old offices of the White Star Line and the other at Stanley Dock. Then again they city probably can handle two hotels centered around Titanic but it means tourists will have to be keen on which one they will want to visit.
Titanic Hotel Set To Open On Historic Site In Liverpool(30 April 2014,Bay TV Liverpool)

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Titanic 102nd Anniversary News

Each year it is always interesting to see what Titanic news is generated on the anniversary of Titanic’s sinking. As usual we have the memorials. And usually we get at least one story of someone claiming a new take on Titanic. This year it was researchers at Sheffield University who proclaimed that 1912 was not so bad a year after all for icebergs. I guess when you have run out of things to say (which seems impossible considering Titanic), your left debunking whether or not the icebergs of 1912 were really unusual or not. Missing so far, but it still early, is some conspiracy theory. I was at least hoping someone would make a Bermuda Triangle link of some kind or that it had something to do with the lost continent of Atlantis.  Bigfoot has yet to make an appearance and of course Nessie (Loch Ness monster) could also be made part of Titanic lore.

Before the news roundup begins, the Titanic community recently lost Ed Kamuda. Ed was one of the founders of Titanic Historical Society back in 1963. He was drawn to Titanic forever after he saw the 1954 movie Titanic starring Clifton Webb and Barbara Stanwyck. He began corresponding with Titanic survivors and getting them to share their recollections of what happened aboard Titanic that night. The organization attracted other Titanic enthusiasts and researchers and began publishing its own magazine, the Commutator. And he Ed got to know Dr Robert Ballard, who in 1985 helped discover the wreck. He was a vocal opponent of salvage and joined with Ballard and others trying to preserve the wreck as a grave. Perhaps the greatest adventure was being asked, along with others from the society, to consult with James Cameron on his Titanic film. He and his wife were cast as extras in that movie. Ed considered a dream come true to walk on the decks of the ship created for the movie. He was 74 when he passed away last Sunday after suffering a long illness. He will be missed by the Titanic community and he has made a lasting impact inspiring many to learn the Titanic story. Although he would have been too humble to ever admit it, it was because of organizations like Titanic Historical Society that kept Titanic alive and now more well known then ever. RIP.

Remembering the Titanic in Midland(16 April 2014,News Barrie)
Conroy is the Captain of the S.S. Keewatin and says the ship has played an important role in opening up northern Ontario and connecting eastern Canada to the prairies. In addition to raising money for the Keewatin, part of Tuesday’s event is to welcome an exact replica of the Titanic – a model ship that took 30 years to build and will now become the centerpiece of a new museum aboard the S.S. Keewatin. “When people come to the museum they can get a feel for maritime history through all these model ships,” adds Conroy. There will be about 110 model ships in the museum, all donated by people from across the country. The S.S. Keewatin opens for the season on May 10th and all of the proceeds raised from Tuesday night’s dinner will go towards repairing and restoring the old steam ship.

Tale Of Halifax Titanic Survivor Told Through Song(14 April 2014,Truro Daily News)
That was all she needed to narrate the sinking of the Titanic as lived by Hilda Mary Slayter.Peppard’s performance Living Titanic was part of an event put on by the Titanic Society of the Atlantic at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic in downtown Halifax to commemorate the 102nd anniversary of the luxury liner’s sinking. Born and buried in Halifax, Slayter was the only Atlantic Canadian survivor aboard the ship that went down April 15, 1912.Peppard, a musical oral historian focusing on women’s truth, discovered Slayter’s story and decided to make history come alive. She brought the performance to Colchester County back in the summer of 2012. She blended her training as an artist with her research skills to create the musical. Slayter’s family gave Peppard access to Slayter’s journals, allowing her to narrate the performance in Slayter’s own words.

UK/Northern Ireland
Titanic Hotel Liverpool To Open In June At Stanley Dock(17 April 2014,Liverpool Echo)
Confirmation that the much-anticipated Stanley Dock hotel will open in the summer has been welcomed by Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson – but fellow hotel-owners remain wary. The 153-room site has faced criticism from local businesses for its chosen name, The Titanic Hotel, which bears obvious similarity to the rival 30 James Street – The Home of the Titanic. That city-centre Signature Living hotel, which opened recently, has claimed Stanley Dock’s choice of name will confuse visitors. Lawrence Kenwright, owner of the Home of the Titanic, said: “We have no links to this other venture. “I’m concerned that people arriving in the city will confuse the two hotels, and in the end that could be bad for business for both.” Stanley Dock development director Pat Power said the name Titanic Hotel Liverpool “cements” the project’s link to the Titanic Visitor Centre in Belfast and other themed hotel’s to be opened across the UK.

For information about the 30 James Street hotel (formerly known as Albion House where White Star Line had its offices), go to http://www.rmstitanichotel.co.uk/

Titanic Disaster Dead Remembered(15 April 2014,Belfast Telegraph)
Each year on the day of the April 1912 tragedy, a solemn ceremony is held at the memorial garden where all 1,512 victims are listed on bronze plaques. As well as relatives of Irish victims, relations of a number of international passengers who died travelled to today’s event in Belfast. President of the Belfast Titanic Society John Martin, whose great uncle Dr John Edward Simpson – one of the liner’s two doctors – died on board, said many people retained an interest in the ship. “Some with a direct family connection to people on board, some who were perhaps related to people who built the ship and then there are others who are more interested in why she sank and all the disaster management type of aspect of the story, so it’s important for a lot of people,” he said.

United States
Titanic Remembered On 102nd Anniversary, Echoes Some Of The Deadliest Maritime Disasters In The Last Century(17 April 2014,Tech Times)
As the ill-fated ocean liner Titanic is remembered on the 102nd anniversary of its sinking, it’s worth looking back through history and understanding how notable maritime disasters have long plagued us. While the scale of the Titanic disaster should not be discounted — more than 1,500 lives were lost when the “unsinkable” liner hit an iceberg and sank into the cold Atlantic waters — it has been dwarfed by some other sinkings, even in the 20th century. For the acknowledged deadliest ship sinking in history, you have to look at World War II, when around 9,000 people died in the torpedoing and sinking of a German ocean liner, the Wilhelm Gustloff. Tasked with evacuating both German military forces and civilians as Soviet forces moved toward East Prussia in the waning days of the war in 1945, it ran afoul of a Russian submarine on January 30 and was sent to the bottom of the Baltic Sea.

Coast Guard Reflects On Titanic Anniversary(16 April 2016,DVIDS)
During the annual ceremony, Coast Guard Cmdr. Keith Shuley, chaplain of the Coast Guard Academy, dedicated floral arrangements in remembrance of the more than 1,500 passengers who died. Every year, the IIP conducts a ceremony to remember the passengers and crew who lost their lives as a result of the Titanic sinking.  A special moment of silence was held to honor Edward Kamuda, president and founder of the Titanic Historical Society, who died April 13, 2014.

Titanic 102nd Anniversary: A Look At How Safety Features In Ocean Liners Have Developed Over The Last Century(16 April 2014,Tech Times)
The Titanic sank 102 years ago, on 16 April 1912, killing more than 1,500 people, becoming one of the worst peacetime maritime disasters in history.  The “unsinkable Titanic” was plagued by several design flaws that led to revolutions in ocean liner safety.  Over 2,200 people were on-board the Titanic when the largest ship of the day set out on its maiden voyage from Southampton to New York City. Late on the night of 14 April, the ship famously hit an iceberg, creating a gash cross the bow of the craft. The mighty ocean-going vessel began taking on water, as passengers scrambled for life rafts.  White Star Line, the company that operated the ship, decided only 20 lifeboats would be carried on the craft, enough for just 38 percent of the full capacity of the Titanic. Legally, the company was only required to carry just 16 of the life-saving devices.  The International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea, passed in 1914 in the wake of the Titanic disaster, requires all passenger ships to carry enough lifeboats for all passengers. Mandatory lifeboat drills of all passengers aboard ships is also required due to the Titanic tragedy.

Remembering The Victims From Ireland’s ‘Titanic Village’ At Absecon Event(15 April 2014,Press of Atlantic City)
Jim Curley has a small family link to the Titanic – his uncle married the niece of one of the 1,500-plus victims of the “unsinkable” ocean liner that didn’t survive its first Atlantic Ocean crossing. Curley’s distant relation by marriage, Mary Mangan, was one of 14 young people from the same area of Ireland who sailed on that doomed trip; 11 of those natives of “Ireland’s Titanic village” died when the ship rammed an iceberg and quickly sank 102 years ago today. But Curley, who lives in Long Beach Island’s nautical-sounding town of Ship Bottom, knows that millions of people with no personal ties to the disaster still have an enduring fascination with history’s most famous shipwreck. So when he gives a talk about the Irish connection to the Titanic – as he will tonight in Absecon, at a meeting of South Jersey’s Irish American Cultural Society – Curley can draw a crowd.

Local History: Titanic Survivor Died Mysteriously In Akron On Second Anniversary Of Disaster(13 April 2014,Akron Beacon Journal)
Fate caught up with Elizabeth Hocking as she stepped off a curb in Akron. Exactly two years after surviving the sinking of the Titanic, she met her destiny. A streetcar conductor flagged down two pedestrians at about 6 p.m. after seeing a woman sprawled on East Market Street in front of Akron City Hospital. The men were surgeons, Dr. Charles E. Norris and Dr. Charles W. Millikin, who carried the woman into the hospital. “When discovered, the woman was lying on what is known as the ‘devil strip,’ the space between the car tracks,” the Akron Evening Times reported April 15, 1914. “The only wound on her body was a deep cut on the back of the head. She was unconscious and never regained sufficiently to talk before the end came early this morning.” Police initially thought she was a mugging victim. Officers identified her after finding a water bill in her pocket. Eliza Hocking, 54, a widow who lived at 195 Gale St. on West Hill, was the matriarch of an English family who had sought a better life in the United States. They packed up their belongings in Penzance, Cornwall, and booked second-class passage in Southampton aboard the Titanic on April 10, 1912.

Albion House Update:Construction Begins On Rooftop Bar Named For Titanic Rescue Ship

Photo:public domain
Photo:public domain

The Liverpool Echo reports that construction has begun on the rooftop champagne bar on top of the former Liverpool home of White Star Line. The bar will be called Carpathia Champagne Bar & Restaurant. According to the Echo “guests will have breath-taking views along The Strand, overlooking Albert Dock , Canning Dock and the Pier Head’s Three Graces.” Albion House is undergoing a major transformation of the structure that had been derelict for a decade. This transformation includes turning it into a apartment-hotel but the crown jewel will be the Carpathia bar.

Aimed at the weddings market, the first two floors will have a specific Titanic theme including the First Class Lounge. Other floors will be decorated with White Star Line motifs and names. The lower ground floor rooms will be styled as cabins. A swimming pool is being inserted into the basement and the building’s original water tank will be converted into a whirlpool bath. The boardroom in which many White Star ships were conceived, including Titanic, will become a suite’s sitting room.

Sounds great but better bring a credit card with a large credit line. I doubt this place will come cheap for weddings-or for eating at the restaurant.

Source: Liverpool’s First Rooftop Champagne Bar Set To Offer Breathtaking Views Over City(10 Jan 2014,Liverpool Echo)

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Titanic News: Exhibits Coming To Toledo & Israel;Titanic II Update;Faulty Rivets and a Kosher Butcher

1. The Blade reports that Titanic:The Artifact Exhibition will be coming to Imagination Station on 15 Feb and runs till 15 June 2014. A number of special events are planned including a visit by Molly Brown’s great-grandaughter Helen Benziger. For information and tickets, go to imaginationstationtoledo.org.
Source: Titanic Display To Dock In Downtown Toledo(7 Jan 2014,The Blade)

2. Shalom Life reports a deal has been struck to bring Titanic artifacts to Israel Trade Fairs Center in Tel Aviv for about three months. Further details as to the date of the exhibition has not yet been disclosed.
Source:The Titanic Sets Sail for Tel Aviv(27 Dec 2013,Shalom Life)

3. Cruise Ship News reports that if all goes on schedule, the keel will be laid for Titanic II in March. So far it has all been model testing and using various companies that will contribute to its construction and outfitting.
Source: Titanic 2 Ship Progress Leap In March(6 Jan 2014,Cruise Ship News)

4. Willamette Week has an interview with Jennifer Hooper McCarty, a metallurgist who helped study 48 rivets pulled from Titanic. In her book What Really Sank the Titanic, her findings were that some rivets contained poor quality iron. These rivets in the bow and stern had excessive slag contributing to weak regions. However this was not detectable during normal safety checks but later resulted in rivet failure.
Source:Voices 2014: Faulty Rivets Sunk the Titanic:Jennifer Hooper McCarty, metallurgist
(31 Dec 2013,Willamette Week)

5. The Coventry Telegraph reports that the last living contact with J. Bruce Ismay passed away at age 100. Agnes Thwaite worked as a cook and kitchen maid at the household of Bruce Ismay in London. Despite the public perception of Ismay, she recalled he was kind and generous to his staff.
Coventry Woman Who Worked For Builder Of The Titanic Dies (31 Dec 2013,Coventry Telegraph)

6.Haaretz reports that the Kosher butcher shop that supplied Titanic will be preserved thanks to funding from late Jewish philanthropist Sir Isaac Wolfson. The iconic green-tiled Galkoff’s had been designated for demolition and building a new research wing for Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine.
Source: Iconic Kosher Butcher Shop That Supplied Titanic To Be Preserved(30 Dec 2013,Haaretz)

An interview with Rob Galkoff about the history of the butcher shop can be viewed at YouTube.

Update On Albion House/Titanic Hotel Plans

Albion House,Liverpool
Photo: public domain

According to Liverpool Echo, the city planning committee has given its okay for the former home of the White Star Line to be developed into a apart-hotel with 35 apartments, wedding facilities, fine-dining restaurant and rooftop bar. Built between 1895-1896, the building housed White Star Line offices until the line was merged with Cunard. It has been used as private offices but remained mostly empty.The bar, the Great Hall for weddings, three accommodation floors, and the rooftop bar hopefully will be open by April 2014.

Source: Liverpool Titanic Hotel Gets Go-Ahead From Planners (30 Oct 2013, Liverpool Echo)

Former White Star Building To Become Titanic-Themed Hotel

Albion House,Liverpool

Albion House in Liverpool, once the headquarters of White Star Line, is now going to become a Titanic themed hotel. According to the Liverpool Echo: “They hope to turn 350,000 sq ft of floorspace, which has been largely unused for three decades, into a 350- bedroom aparthotel with a gym, bar and restaurant named Signature Living Hotel – The Home of the Titanic, in honour of its history.

Albion House–constructed between 1896 and 1898 and known for its distinctive appearance due to Portland stone and red brick– is a Grade II historical building (which means it is a more than just a building of special interest). Hotel developers Now Signature Living recently acquired the building and have put the paperwork in. They hope to have part of the hotel open by next April.

1. White Star Building To Become Titanic-Themed Hotel(26 Aug 2013,Liverpool Echo)
2. Albion House, Liverpool (Wikipedia)

Titanic News For 8 Feb 2013

1. UPDATE on Titanic Sinking Hotel:  First Pictures Inside Liverpool’s Titanic Sinking Boutique Hotel (8 Feb 2013, Liverpool Echo)
Among its three bedrooms is a plushly-padded suite with a huge framed mirror hanging over the bed – which was definitely not part of the doomed liner’s fittings. On the black-buttoned headboard is a Titanic nameplate and the White Star Line houseflag. Daylight comes in through brass-rimmed port-holes, which are arranged in downward slanting rows to give the effect of sinking. The mustard-coloured grand saloon has a large bulkhead mural of the original Titanic’s atrium staircase (made famous in the Titanic film) and a mirror clock with the hands stuck at 11.40pm.

2. WZZM Looks Which Is More Accurate-Cameron’s Titanic or Titanic:The Artifact Exhibition-Reality Check: Titanic Exhibit Vs. Movie(7 Feb 2013, WZZM)
For many people, James Cameron’s 1997 movie is the window into which we see Titanic, but how accurate is the movie compared to real life? With the new Titanic exhibit at the Grand Rapids Public Museum opening up this Saturday, we talked with the curators to find out. The movie is a about a first class maiden falling in love with a poor boy aboard the luxurious doomed Titanic, but this story took some liberties with reality. For example, the characters of Rose and Jack were made up.

3. Mini-Titanic Owner Has Love For Another Sunken Ship(7 Feb 2013,WWL)
Mark Koch made quite a traffic-stopping impression last May when he toured Lake Pontchartrain in his 23-foot long replica of the Titanic, marking 100 years since its ill fated voyage. Inside Koch’s Metairie home is a shipwreck museum, but not of the Titanic. It’s of the Andrea Doria. It’s been nearly 60 years since the Andrea Doria went down off the coast of New York, and today only two lifeboats exist. Mark Koch owns both of them. “So I viewed it as a wonderful opportunity to further promote our concept of bringing history to life and using these boats to once again tell the story of the Andria Doria.”

4.  Ferry Trial: ‘Like Watching The Titanic Movie’(7 Feb 2013,The Province)
The former chief engineer of the Queen of the North says the sinking of the B.C. Ferries vessel in March 2006 was “like watching the Titanic movie.” Brian Erickson was testifying at the trial of Karl Lilgert, a former deck officer of the vessel who has pleaded not guilty to two counts of criminal negligence causing the death of two passengers. Erickson said he’d retired for the night and the first thing he remembered was hearing deck officer Karen Briker pounding on the cabin next to him. “And she was saying, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.”

More On Titanic Floating Hotel

Well the hits keep on coming for the Titanic floating hotel in Liverpool. Both the Daily titanic hotel in bad tasteEcho and Crosby Herald report the discomfort it is giving locals and others.

Remember you can post comments to these articles.

Update To Story On Floating Titanic Hotel

The BBC is reporting that the owner, Alfie Bubbles (a former merchant seaman), claims receiving overwhelming public response and never wanted to cause offense. The floating hotel, painted with slanting lines to give the illusion of sinking, is set to open next week. However the chief executive of Liverpool Seafarers’ Centre points out the location is located in view of the Merchant Navy memorial, near the White Star Building, and a Titanic memorial placed by Isle of Man Steam Packet Company. Wilson states: “To have an image of something that is purporting to be a vessel sinking, to an active seafarer, if he or she were to see this it would just ring the wrong bells for them.”

Bubbles says it is not in poor taste, just a bit of fun, and already has bookings for it. Sorry Mr. Bubbles, but you are just trying to cash in on your own little Titanic niche. This is exactly what you wanted, free publicity for your three bed hotel. Okay enjoy it while it lasts but I suspect most people will see it exactly for what it is. A trashy way to make money over a tragedy where 1500 people lost their lives.

Source: BBC News, Liverpool’s Floating Titanic Hotel Attracts Criticism, 11 Jan 2013