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Titanic News For 24 April 2013

(1) Titanic Belfast exceeded all expectations for 2012 reports BBC News. More than 800,000 people from 128 countries visited Titanic Belfast in its first year. Some doubted it would succeed and would need 290,000 visitors to break even.

Source: Titanic Belfast Had 800000 Visitors In Year(23 April 2013,BBC News)

(2) Titanic:The Artifact Exhibition is coming to Great Lakes Science Center in Cleveland in June. Advance tickets are now on sale through the web site. The exhibition runs from 1 June 2013 through 5 Jan 2014.

Source: New Titanic Exhibit Coming To Cleveland’s Great Lakes Science Center(23 April 2013, NewsNet5.com)

(3) Alan Aldridge of Henry Aldridge & Son was interviewed recently by CBS News about the Hartley violin. Aldridge says that micro-analysis found evidence of salt water corrosion in the wood and metal screws on the silver plate. He also says he has no idea how much it will be worth when auctioned off.

Source: Reputed “Titanic Violin” To Be Put Up For Auction(23 April 2013, CBSNews)

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Update To Story On Floating Titanic Hotel

The BBC is reporting that the owner, Alfie Bubbles (a former merchant seaman), claims receiving overwhelming public response and never wanted to cause offense. The floating hotel, painted with slanting lines to give the illusion of sinking, is set to open next week. However the chief executive of Liverpool Seafarers’ Centre points out the location is located in view of the Merchant Navy memorial, near the White Star Building, and a Titanic memorial placed by Isle of Man Steam Packet Company. Wilson states: “To have an image of something that is purporting to be a vessel sinking, to an active seafarer, if he or she were to see this it would just ring the wrong bells for them.”

Bubbles says it is not in poor taste, just a bit of fun, and already has bookings for it. Sorry Mr. Bubbles, but you are just trying to cash in on your own little Titanic niche. This is exactly what you wanted, free publicity for your three bed hotel. Okay enjoy it while it lasts but I suspect most people will see it exactly for what it is. A trashy way to make money over a tragedy where 1500 people lost their lives.

Source: BBC News, Liverpool’s Floating Titanic Hotel Attracts Criticism, 11 Jan 2013

Captain Smith’s Telescope Auction-No Sale

The BBC News headline Titanic Captain’s Telescope Auctioned In Liverpool implies it was sold, but the slug just above the story is Titanic Captain’s Telescope Fails To Sell At Auction. Perhaps the editor thought no one would read the article otherwise. Saying it was auctioned would draw the curious to read the article.

The item, a telescope once owned by Captain Smith, was put up for auction recently and expected to fetch £20,000. It is not clear from the article how many bids were submitted or what the highest bid was. Clearly it was not high enough as the telescope did not sell. The BBC reports that auctioneer John Crane was disappointed and noted:

“It might be Titanic but at the end of the day it is still a little bit of metal and if you put a very high reserve you’re not going to sell it.”

Or to quote that famous wizard Gilderoy Lockhart in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets:

Fame’s a fickle friend, Harry. Celebrity is as celebrity does, remember that.

About sums it up but of course Lockhart turned out a phony. He stole memories from those who did heroic deeds, claimed them as his own, and used memory charms to make them forget.

Source: BBC News, Titanic Captain’s Telescope Auctioned In Liverpool, 28 Jul 2011