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Sinking Titanic Restaurant….In Dubai?

Alfie Bubbles has just been outdone. Bubbles owns the much criticized Titanic Sinking Hotel (made to look like Titanic sinking) in Liverpool. You can read previous posts here and here. Now it appears that a Titanic themed restaurant is being considered for downtown Dubai. And it will be shaped like a sinking Titanic.

According to Al Bawada, the restaurant is one of the ideas being proposed for an apartment complex that would have restaurants and bars themed around Paramount movies like Titanic and The Godfather. Negotiations between the building owners and Paramount are under way. Rahal Anand, a property consultant with Damac, says it ultimately is up to Paramount what shape the proposed restaurant would look like. Damac reminds the proposal has not been finalized but they see it the shape of a ship sinking.

Oh goody. I could see the restaurant shaped like Titanic in all its grandness. Shaping like it is sinking is tacky. Sure some will get a kick out of it (just like some do with Bubble’s) but many will find it off-putting. Sinking ships are not something amusing (even on Gilligan’s Island). It conveys the wrong image about such things. Paramount, whose name is being attached to all this, ought to realize this. Make it a classy representation of a grand ship and people will like it. Show it sinking and your public relations team will be putting out fires on that one.

Source:Sinking Titanic Restaurant Set To Go Down A Storm In Dubai(27 Mar 2013, Al Bawaba)

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Titanic News For 8 Feb 2013

1. UPDATE on Titanic Sinking Hotel:  First Pictures Inside Liverpool’s Titanic Sinking Boutique Hotel (8 Feb 2013, Liverpool Echo)
Among its three bedrooms is a plushly-padded suite with a huge framed mirror hanging over the bed – which was definitely not part of the doomed liner’s fittings. On the black-buttoned headboard is a Titanic nameplate and the White Star Line houseflag. Daylight comes in through brass-rimmed port-holes, which are arranged in downward slanting rows to give the effect of sinking. The mustard-coloured grand saloon has a large bulkhead mural of the original Titanic’s atrium staircase (made famous in the Titanic film) and a mirror clock with the hands stuck at 11.40pm.

2. WZZM Looks Which Is More Accurate-Cameron’s Titanic or Titanic:The Artifact Exhibition-Reality Check: Titanic Exhibit Vs. Movie(7 Feb 2013, WZZM)
For many people, James Cameron’s 1997 movie is the window into which we see Titanic, but how accurate is the movie compared to real life? With the new Titanic exhibit at the Grand Rapids Public Museum opening up this Saturday, we talked with the curators to find out. The movie is a about a first class maiden falling in love with a poor boy aboard the luxurious doomed Titanic, but this story took some liberties with reality. For example, the characters of Rose and Jack were made up.

3. Mini-Titanic Owner Has Love For Another Sunken Ship(7 Feb 2013,WWL)
Mark Koch made quite a traffic-stopping impression last May when he toured Lake Pontchartrain in his 23-foot long replica of the Titanic, marking 100 years since its ill fated voyage. Inside Koch’s Metairie home is a shipwreck museum, but not of the Titanic. It’s of the Andrea Doria. It’s been nearly 60 years since the Andrea Doria went down off the coast of New York, and today only two lifeboats exist. Mark Koch owns both of them. “So I viewed it as a wonderful opportunity to further promote our concept of bringing history to life and using these boats to once again tell the story of the Andria Doria.”

4.  Ferry Trial: ‘Like Watching The Titanic Movie’(7 Feb 2013,The Province)
The former chief engineer of the Queen of the North says the sinking of the B.C. Ferries vessel in March 2006 was “like watching the Titanic movie.” Brian Erickson was testifying at the trial of Karl Lilgert, a former deck officer of the vessel who has pleaded not guilty to two counts of criminal negligence causing the death of two passengers. Erickson said he’d retired for the night and the first thing he remembered was hearing deck officer Karen Briker pounding on the cabin next to him. “And she was saying, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.”