Titanic News 19 Sept 2015

1. The Titanic themed hotel at Stanley Dock in Liverpool, UK has been nominated for an international design award. ADI Studio, who designed the interior, is one of the finalists in the hotel design category of International Design Excellence Award.
Source:Titanic Hotel Nominated For International Design Award(18 Sep 2015,Liverpool Echo)

2. The Titanic Exhibition Center has opened in Belfast’s Titanic Quarter. The center will allow various events to used for “exhibitions, community and sporting events, as well as large-scale banquets.”
Source:Titanic Exhibition Centre Opens Its Doors After 80-Day Turnaround(17 Sep 2015,Belfast Live)

3. In what seems decades ago in computer standards, an old Titanic computer game is getting a new life: Starship Titanic. It was based on Douglas Adam’s Life,The Universe, and Everything.Like all golden games from so long ago, it was consigned to the graveyard of forgotten computer game favorites (like many of the original Tomb Raider games are these days). It now has been resurrected for the PC thanks to GOG.com. You can check out the game here.
Source:You can finally play Douglas Adams’ Starship Titanic on a modern PC (17 Sep 2015, theverge.com)