Teaching Titanic

The UK Press Association is reporting that Queen’s University in Belfast will be back to schoolholding a special lecture series on Titanic. It is being offered as part of the open learning program for part time students. The lecture series, The Titanic Story: History and Legacy, will be at the Ulster Folk and Transport museum. Dr Tess Maginess, the open learning coordinator at Queen’s School of Education:

“Our courses usually take place one day or evening every week and are ideal for anyone who wants to pursue a new hobby, learn more about a topic in which they have a particular interest, or advance their personal development. We have many courses running in centres across Northern Ireland.”

Titanic is a major theme for Belfast as it prepares for 2012, when the centenary will be observed. Such classes are being taught in many places because interest is so high. It is heartwarming, for instance, to learn that grade school students study Titanic as part of special projects. Sometimes it has real results like trying to get the statue of Jack Phillips restored and put into a place of honor.

Source: The Press Association (UK), University Offers Titanic Course, 30 Aug 2011

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