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Wallace Hartley’s Sheet Music On Display In Belfast

Photo: Wikipedia

Sheet music carried by Wallace Hartley is on display at SS Nomadic in Belfast. David Scott-Beddard of White Star Memories Ltd tells Belfast Telegraph “Out of the musicians, his was the only body recovered and more than 30,000 people attended his funeral in Lancashire.” The exhibition includes a photo of Hartley from his school days and “a rare first-class accommodation plan, showing the dining room table layout, Turkish baths and gymnasium, and a stateroom bed, bed linen and dining room clock from Titanic’s sister ship, RMS Olympic.”

Source: A Titanic Exhibition Of True Note On SS Nomadic As Violinist’s Music Goes On Display(14 Nov 2013, Belfast Telegraph)

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Dramatic Titanic Ilustrations For Sheet Music

BuzzFeed has an interesting post titled “7 Songs About The Titanic That Aren’t “My Heart Will Go On.” It is a compilation of covers for sheet music dedicated to Titanic that came out after the disaster in 1912. Some really neat looking covers. One in particular is My Sweetheart Went Down With The Ship–A Beautiful Song Inspired by the Wreck of the Titanic.

Encyclopedia Titanica has the lyrics to this song (I did not look up the other ones listed at BuzzFeed but they may have them). Like My Heart Will Go On, it is about losing the love of your life when Titanic sank. And in some ways just as haunting:

My sweetheart went down with the ship,
Down to an ocean grave,
One of the heroes who gave his life,
The women and children to save,
Gone but not forgotten….