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Titanic Memorial Planned For 27 Michigan Passengers Who Died On Titanic

Titanic Trials (Photo courtesy George Behe)

Marine City, Michigan may soon have a memorial plaque to honor those who died on Titanic in 1912. Margaret Micoff wants to not only honor but support “the dream people had coming here.” Micoff wants to have the memorial in Marine City’s Corwin M. Drake Memorial Park and believes it will draw interest from locals and from those in other states and possibly Canada. Micoff’s idea is to have the plaque be shaped like a ship’s wheel with the names of the 72 Michigan residents lost inside it. The plaque would be surrounded by a brick-paved with Titanic style benches. She is hoping the plaque will be bronze and is seeking funds to get the memorial plaque started.

The Marine City commission has approved the plan and Micoff believes the city’s maritime history makes it a suitable location for the memorial. Micoff is currently raising funds for the plaque.

Source: Titanic Memorial Planned For Marine City Park (Times Herald,23 Dec 2015)