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Belfast & Southampton Win Port Awards

I had no idea that awards for best ports existed, but it seems they do. The web site Cruise Critic has just awarded its 2012 Editors Picks. Belfast was named best UK port of call and Southampton best UK departure point.

The international panel, made up of cruise journalists, said: ‘Belfast has regained its former glory thanks to the ship that for many years defined its decay.”On Southampton, the website explained: ‘We acknowledge the approach to Southampton is not as iconic as that of New York, but this year, the port excelled in two stand-out events – Cunard’s Three Queens [the meeting of the Queen Victoria, the Queen Mary 2 and the Queen Elizabeth] and P&O’s Grand Event, showing it can handle a large number of ships with ease.’

A record number of 43 cruise ships docked in Belfast this year largely due to Titanic centenary. Of course they are quite pleased with the news in Belfast. Tony McAuley, Commercial Officer at Belfast Harbour said to Daily Mail “We are delighted that the substantial investment made in recent years in providing world class tourism facilities in Belfast and Northern Ireland, such as Titanic Belfast and the Giant’s Causeway visitor centre, is recognised and appreciated by the international cruise community.”

100 year on Titanic still is effecting things.

Source: Daily Mail, Titanic Win For Belfast And Southampton As Cities Linked To Liner Scoop Best Port Awards,4 Dec 2012