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Monday Titanic News

You probably do not want to show a movie about deadly snakes like Black Mamba on a plane. Photo: Bill Love, Blue Chameleon Ventures(Wikipedia)
You probably do not want to show a movie about deadly snakes like Black Mamba  loose on a plane while on a flight.
Photo: Bill Love, Blue Chameleon Ventures(Wikipedia)

1. What movies do you want to avoid while traveling is what Gary Collinson considers over at flickeringmyth.com. So what movies does he think fit into this category? Well obviously if you are on a cruise, Cameron’s Titanic is on the list. Likewise avoid watching Psycho while staying at a hotel. Snakes On A Plane you likely want to avoid while flying. And when your out backpacking in the woods, probably best to avoid Wolf Creek. Many air carriers already do not show airplane disaster movies to passengers and nor are you likely to see graphic horror movies either. Something to ponder in your summer travels.
Source: Worst Movies To Watch While Travelling(28 June 2014,flickeringmyth.com)

2. Joshua Milford is seriously focused on Titanic. He really cannot explain exactly why but believes it is “God-given.” At any rate his fascination has led him to build a 10 foot long, 2 1/2 feet high and 60 pound replica. It took him two years beginning at Titanic’s centenary to complete the project. He worked an average of 10 hours a week. Milford studies drafting at Amarillo College and has Titanic blueprints in his Titanic collection. The model is built from oak, plywood, and fibreglass.

“I thought this was the best way I could present the Titanic to people so the story would be remembered,” he said. “I want to keep the story going, so that’s why I decided to make this. I thought I might as well make it big if I do that. It’s easier to detail that way.”

What makes this different from other home made models is that it can be remote controlled. The first attempt had some problems but plans to have it ready for 5 Jul.
Source:Titanic Fanatic Builds Ship Replica(25 June 2014,Amarillo Globe News)

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