Tacky Titanic: Flamed Iceberg Desert

Britain’s finest chef is under fire for a Titanic meal that includes a desert called flambéed iceberg (flamed iceberg). According to the Daily Echo, Heston Blumenthal will be serving up the ““greatest feast never eaten: the last meal on the Titanic.” That flaming iceberg bit has caused an uproar from Titanic enthusiasts and relatives of survivors and victims.

Titanic historian Brian Ticehurst described the flamed iceberg dessert as “tacky”, while Terry Yarwood, from the Tug Tender Calshot Trust, said it was “sick”. “I know Heston’s considered a great chef, but this seems to be in the worst taste possible. It’s quite appalling,” Mr Yarwood said.

Indeed. One giant thumbs down for Heston Blumenthal. In a word, stupid.