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Saturday Titanic News: RMS Titanic Inc Abandons Trying to Recover Marconi Set from Wreck

Company Once Run By Titanic Expert PH Nargeolet Finally CANCELS Trip To The Vessel To Retrieve Artifacts From Debris Field Of Famed Shipwreck
Mail Online, 12 Oct. 2023

The company that owns the salvage rights to the Titanic shipwreck has axed plans to retrieve more artifacts from the site days after the US Coast Guard pulled additional human remains from the doomed Titan sub. The decision was taken ‘out of respect’ for the firm’s director, Paul-Henri Nargeolet, who was among the five people killed in the horror implosion earlier this year, according to court documents filed in a US District Court on Wednesday. RMS Titanic said its plans now only include imaging at the wreck site and surveys to refine ‘future artifact recovery.’


Image:Premier Exhibitions

Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition’ Opens Thursday at Cox Science Center and Aquarium
Palm Beach Daily News, 11 Oct. 2023 www.palmbeachdailynews.com/story/entertainment/local/2023/10/11/cox-science-center-aquarium-announce-opening-of-titanic-the-artifact-exhibition/71132201007

The Cox Science Center & Aquarium on Tuesday unveiled “Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition,” for a preview of the exhibit that opens Thursday. The exhibit, which has drawn crowds around the world, allows visitors to play the role of passengers or crew as they travel through the history of the R.M.S Titanic and experience the more than 100 recovered items on display.

The exhibit runs from 14 Oct 2023- 14 April 2024. For information about tickets and hours of operation, go to https://www.coxsciencecenter.org/Titanic.


Expert Shares New Theory on How Titanic Submarine Imploded Killing 5 on Board
The Mirror, 11 Oct. 2023

Michael Chillit, an analyst who has conducted a search into the missing MH370 flight over the past five years, also launched his own investigation into the Titan submersible. Discussing the recent finds on X (formerly Twitter) he identified a possible point of failure that led to the implosion. He wrote: “Will now be even more interesting to know if they have ever recovered any part of the observation port? There was a lot of speculation that it was the observation port that failed, but now a damaged landing frame and a fully intact rear hemisphere suggests to me that failure occurred in the composite near where it was joined to the frame and the aft hemisphere. Time will tell. Important advance.” He later clarified that the failure was “in the area where the landing frame, the hull, and the Titanium end-cap were joined.”


Countdown to Halloween!

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