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A Visit to a Haunted House (The Muppets)

I have watched many of so-called ghost hunter shows. They will go to a reputed haunted location and using a variety of methods try and coax a ghost or two to make themselves known. Sometimes they have a “psychic” along with them to try and make contact with the spirit which seems to be hanging around. Mostly it is just staged for the camera (or they add effects to make it look real). However in the interest of science, The Muppet Science Lab is on the case. Poor Beaker. He always ends up suffering for science.


If you want to see one less comedic but certainly scary one, check out this episode from the oldĀ Tales of the Crypt where a reporter goes inside a haunted house and finds out it really is haunted.


Happy Halloween!


Christmas Funny:Muppets Do Carol of the Bells

The Muppets take on a classic Christmas tune in their version of Carol of the Bells. Beaker and Swedish chef do the singing while Animal provides accompaniment. Beaker got out of Muppet Labs for this performance but like in the lab, something always goes awry.