Jack Phillips Postcard To Sister Up For Auction


Jack George Phillips, Titanic Wireless Operator, 1912
Author unknown
Photo: Public Domain/Wikimedia Commons

Titanic Postcard Signed ‘Love, Jack’ Set To Fetch More Than $15K At Auction (New York Post, 6 April 2021)

Signed “Love, Jack,” the postcard was sent by a hero of the Titanic disaster – but he wasn’t the fictional (swoon!) Jack Dawson character played by Leonardo DiCaprio in the epic 1997 movie. Nonetheless, the 1912 correspondence bearing an image of the supposed “unsinkable” ship written by senior wireless operator Jack Phillips is expected to fetch at least $15,000 at auction this month. The then-24-year-old sent the postcard 109 years ago to his sister, Elsie Phillips, from Belfast, Ireland, on March 7, just five weeks before the fateful sinking — and his death on April 15. He wrote a sweet message to his sibling on the reverse of the glossy photo postcard showing the White Star Line’s Titanic on the day of its launch at Belfast on May 31, 1911.