Titanic Whistle

Since we have been on the subject of Titanic items of late, this image titanic whistle floated to the top during a recent search. At first I was not quite sure what it really was. It is called “Acme Thunderer Titanic” but that name seems not really to say much about what this whistle will do. It seems to imply this is a very loud whistle that thunders above all others making it a titanic whistle of the first order. The whistle is in a British catalog called Judge’s Choice Petfood Ltd (By Appointment To Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth Petfood Supplier). It looks pretty cool and  if anyone out there has actually blown this whistle, drop us a line here at Titanic News Channel.

One thought on “Titanic Whistle”

  1. Befitting the Titanic, this particular whistle is from J. Hudson & Co. of Birmingham, England, maker of Acme Whistles. (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_Hudson_(inventor) ). Hudson invented the modern whistle (as well as the “bobby” whistle). The whistle advertised is a model J Hudson had designed for steamship lines, and has been in continuous production since around 1900 by his firm. The manufacturer’s website is http://www.acmewhistles.co.uk . If you haven’t ever had the pleasure of trying an Acme whistle, you have no idea of the sort of “command presence” a bit of brass from an authentic old line British firm can convey. Since every thinking person should have a whistle, anyway, (its how they find disaster survivors) treat yourself with the historical first and best. You’ll love the sound.

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