Titanic Trivia: Hellman’s Mayo & Titanic

Hellman’s/Best Foods mayonnaise often used in sandwiches.
Photo:Wikimedia commons

Hellman’s mayonnaise is a staple in the American kitchen. Though known to many west of the Rockies as Best Foods (a West Coast rival that merged with Hellman’s in 1932 but both are exactly the same recipe), it is a simple recipe of eggs, oil and vinegar. Home made mayo is even better but why make it when Hellman’s or Best Foods makes it so convenient? Richard Hellman used his wife’s recipe at his New York deli. It became so popular he began selling it to the public. And in 1912 set up a factory to produce the mayonnaise. In 1917 he closed the delicatessen to produce the mayonnaise full time.

Now how does Titanic fit in? Well just a tiny bit. It seems Richard Hellman was going to sail on Titanic and decided at the last minute to give it a pass. Thus continuing his work to bring ready made mayo to the masses.

So how has Hellman’s/Best Foods fared over the years? They are still tops in national mayo sales and have different, less fat, versions available as well. However I am not liking the squeeze bottles much and prefer the old fashioned jar to get the mayo out.

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