Titanic News For 25 Mar 2013

1. A rare Titanic menu will going on display at Titanic Belfast vistor center starting 26 Mar. The menu, a first class luncheon menu dated 14 April 1912, was in the purse of Titanic survivor Ruth Dodge. Ruth, her husband Dr. Washington Dodge, and their 5 year old son Washington Dodge, Jr. survived. Washington Dodge would commit suicide in 1919.* The menu displays the list of dishes for the final first class luncheon. It was auctioned last year and purchased by Rupert Hunt. Hunt decided he wanted other Titanic enthusiasts to enjoy viewing it. The menu will join other artifacts already on display: Titanic Inquiry Plan, Titanic surgeon Dr. John Simpson’s letter, Harland & Wolff ship launch and salary notebooks.

Source: Belfast Exhibition Visitors Can Feast Their Eyes On New Piece Of Titanic Memorabilia(25 Mar 2013,The Courier)

*Further information on Dr. Washington Dodge can be found at Encyclopedia Titanica.

2. Zombies are popular today (actually they are ghouls rather than the classical zombie) and so it is no surprise someone has penned one dealing with Titanic. Jess d’Arbonne at Examiner.com reviews Deck Z:The Titanic Dead by Chris Pauls and Matt Solomon. A zombie plague breaks out on that fateful voyage and feeds into the modern day zombie plague stories. He gives it a positive review. Just wondering if the next new frontier for zombie fiction will be the land of Oz or perhaps a fairy tale world?

Source: Zombie Book Review: ‘Deck Z’ Brings The Titanic To Unlife(25 Mar 2013,Examiner.com)

3. British drinkers of Titanic Brewery beer can enjoy their pints a bit more these days. The price of a pint had risen due to taxes but thanks to a recent government reversal that lowered taxes, Titanic Brewery lowered its prices. Okay this is not about Titanic but when a government decides to tax less, that is news. Especially if it reduces the cost of a pint by 5p.

Source: Titanic Brewery Cuts The Price Of A Pint!(25 Mar 2013, alittlebitofstone.com)

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