Titanic Jewelry Goes Live


Titanic Pigeon Forge and Jewelry Television have teamed up to broadcast the museum’s Titanic Jewelry Collection (not to be confused with the touring exhibition of actual Titanic jewelry) from Titanic Pigeon Forge on 4 Oct 2013. This is the first time, the press release states, that Jewelry Television has actually left its studios to broadcast on location. The press release goes on to point out the collaboration between Titanic Pigeon Forge and Jewelry Television has been quite successful.

So if you want to feel like 1912, you can buy historically inspired Titanic jewelry. And with Halloween ahead, you can add a touch of reality to your Edwardian outfit. Meals not included. 🙂

Source: Titanic Jewelry Collection To Be Showcased In Jewelry Television’s First Remote Broadcast, Live From Titanic Museum Attraction In Pigeon Forge(1 Oct 2013,PRWeb.com-press release)