Titanic Exhibition At Merseyside Maritime Museum Extended To 2014

The Titanic Exhibition at Merseyside Maritime Museum (U.K.) has done so well they have extended it to 2014. According to Liverpool Daily Post:

Jubilant bosses at Merseyside Maritime Museum have announced they will extend the Liverpool Titanic exhibition from April next year until 2014, after visitors reach the half million mark. They had hoped for a total of 450,000 visitors during the 12-month run of Titanic and Liverpool: the Untold Story, which opened on March 30. But that figure has already been exceeded, with 498,475 people coming through the doors up to last weekend – an average of 2,077 a day. That compares favourably with some of the largest visitor attractions in the UK, including 323,897 visitors to The National Gallery’s Leonardo da Vinci exhibition, and 460,000 for Tate Modern’s recent Damien Hirst show.

Further information at Merseyside Maritime Museum.

Source: Liverpool Daily Post, Record-Beating Titanic Exhibition Extended At Merseyside Maritime Museum,30 Nov 2012