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Wednesday Scramble; The Lozier Car and Titanic Exhibition Opening Soon In Grand Rapids

Until recently, I never heard of the Lozier car. I came across the name in a story from Lozier 1908 Touring CarWZZM 13 about Titanic survivor Dickson Bishop. According to the story, upon returning to American soil, he called up his chauffeur and ordered him to come get him with the Lozier. The Lozier was one America’s early luxury cars that sold between $4,600- $7,750 at a time when the average price was around $750. The company, founded by Henry Abraham Lozier, lasted from 1900-1915. Since its cars were sold to a select few, it only produced a few thousand cars. The high watermark was in 1912 when it produced 600. Competition and defections of important employees to other companies apparently doomed the company.

The cars are not forgotten though. A car identical to the one driven by Dickson Bishop is on display at the Gilmore Car Museum in Hickory Corners, Michigan.

Source: WZZM13, Titanic Survivors Returned To Michigan In Style, 6 Feb 2013

Reminder: Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition is set to open in Grand Rapids this Saturday (9 Feb) at the  Grand Rapids Public Museum. For hours and admission prices, go to grmuseum.org. The exhibition lasts until 7 July 2013.