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Wednesday Titanic News:Titanic II Update, Rare Titanic Documents On Display, Albion House Opens To Public, and Diners Experience Poseidon’s Wrath

RMS Titanic departing Southampton on April 10, 1912.
RMS Titanic departing Southampton on April 10, 1912.

1. Titanic II Update: Asia Cruise News is reporting some doubt is being raised about Titanic II construction. Apparently Clive Palmer is possibly reconsidering the project being built in a Chinese shipyard.

Clive Palmer, the mining tycoon behind Titanic II, is alleged to have been disappointed by the lack of enthusiasm to build the ship in China and that the quotes to build there in terms of delivery time and price were not what he was expecting, and he is now thought to be reconsidering the project. “Palmer was expecting to find a sponsor and a partner at a Chinese shipyard, but he did not,” the source said.

I am not totally surprised by this. The Chinese probably want more control over the ship or Blue Star Line before they commit any money and Palmer is not going along with it. So naturally the prices he was quoted early on have risen sharply along with all kinds of fees required by the government. The Chinese probably want the ship for themselves and Palmer is just a convenient capitalist who brought it to their door. Hope he did not put down a lot of money for a deposit.
Source: ‘It’s On Track,’ Blue Star Maintains, As Doubts Over Titanic II Surface(5 Mar 2014,Asia Cruise News)

2. Collection Of Rare Titanic-Related Documents At The Penn Libraries(4 Mar 2014,UPENN Almanac)
The John B. Thayer Memorial Collection of the Sinking of the Titanic was donated to the Penn Libraries by members of the Thayer family. The collection provides a fascinating record of an historically important world event. Items in the collection include the manuscript of his memoir, published in 1940, contemporary newspaper clippings documenting Mr. Thayer’s tale of survival and correspondence between Marian Thayer and J. Bruce Ismay, CEO of the White Star Line which commissioned the Titanic. These materials will now be located in the Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts for researchers to access.

3. Restored Titanic Headquarters Opens In Liverpool(1 Mar 2o14,BBC)
Hundreds queued to see the former headquarters of Titanic cruise liner operator White Star Line open its doors for the first time in decades. Grade II listed Albion House on The Strand, Liverpool, is being converted into a hotel by Signature Living. The first class ticket lounge has been restored with original features that were hidden when the building was converted to offices. The White Star Line flag was raised to mark 80 years since it closed.Titanic historian Paul Louden-Brown had the flag made to the original White Star pattern.

4. Poseidon’s Wrath
Having a meal at Moby Dick Restaurant, located on a Santa Barbara pier, boasts a great view of the waves and lots of fresh seafood. A recent storm during breakfast gave diners an experience they will not soon forget. A large wave crashed into a restaurant window shattering glass and scattering patrons. No doubt the owners will soon be upgrading their windows to be more resistant. And probably a lawyer will advise posting a warning to patrons that eating at the restaurant includes the possibility of a rogue wave crashing through a window once in a while and they are not liable for damages. And of course should the real Moby Dick show up, your on your own.