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Titanic Belfast More Popular Than Eiffel Tower

Titanic Belfast (side view) Image:Prioryman (Wikipedia)
Titanic Belfast (side view)
Image:Prioryman (Wikipedia)

France is not happy about this. Belfast Live is reporting that Titanic Belfast received the coveted title of Europe’s Best Group Visitor Attraction in Berlin at the European Group Travel Awards on Thursday. Sacre´ bleu! No doubt this will spark unrest in France over this obvious snub. Forget about their dislike of American fast food. It has been replaced by their contempt for all things Irish. Of course one might remind them that the last surviving White Star Line tender sat for years neglected in France until brought to Belfast and restored to present glory.
Source: Titanic Belfast Beats The Eiffel Tower To Be Named Europe’s Best Group Visitor Attraction(6 Mar 2015, Belfast Live)

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