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Saturday Titanic News

1. Titanic’s Musicians Honored In Branson Museum’s New Gallery(7 Mar 2014,Joplin Globe)
This seemingly simple information, she said, took two years to collect. Other information and images of the subjects was even more difficult to find. “It’s hard to believe that in today’s world it’s hard to find pictures from 1912,” she said. “But it is hard to find them. We usually spend about two years researching elements for our gallery.” The prize artifact featured in the musicians gallery is a letter from Wallace Hartley, Titanic’s bandleader. “That letter was mailed on April 10 from the ship,” said Kellogg. “It’s on Titanic stationary. He mailed it to his parents before Titanic departed on its last leg going out to sea. The original letter is on display and is valued at $185,000 today.

2. Extraordinary Collection Raises £3M On First Day(7 Mar 2014,Whitby Gazette)
At day one of the auction, held yesterday at Sotheby’s in London, the three main pieces were Lord Nelson’s teapot, Winston Churchill’s armchair and a jug from the Titanic. Dating from 1799, the teapot is engraved with the initial ‘N’. It had a guide price of £8,000 but went for £56,250. The claret jug from the Titanic was expected to fetch no more than £3,000 but sold for £40, 000. It is engraved with “RMS TITANIC” and was presented to Pursuer Reginal Barker and his officers in commemoration of RMS Titanic’s sea trials in April 1912. It was taken off the vessel before her fateful maiden voyage.

3. Titanic Detective Work Unlocks Historic Photo Mystery (6 Mar 2014,Amateur Photographer)
Speaking to Amateur Photographer, Lawlor said that the partially viewable word ‘Titanic’ led researchers to conclude that it must have been taken in the days after the Titanic hit an iceberg on 14 April 1912. And the way that children are dressed in the photo suggested it was captured on a Saturday, during the Sabbath, the Jewish holy day.