Some Positive Signs (Leavenworth Christmas Lights)

A lot of things were turned upside down thanks to Covid. And things are not that okay this time either. Energy costs are soaring (nearing $5 for a gallon of gasoline and that is just normal unleaded), galloping food and raw material costs, shortages on many things at the stores and it goes on. Thankfully there are signs of things trying to at least return to normal.

Up in my favorite adopted hometown of Leavenworth, WA (aka the Bavarian Village), they have installed the Christmas lights on the downtown trees. They had them up all the way till spring. It made the downtown look bright an festive (hoping it would invite people to come, shop and dine there). Almost all the downtown buildings kept their lights up or changed them to just white lights. Now the Christmas lights are back! Now all they need is some nice snow so that the kids can tobaggan again.

Christmas Lights Downtown
Bavarian Village (Leavenworth, WA) 2 Nov 2021
Image: Mark Taylor