Family photograph from late 1911 obtained from family source
Public Domain (Wikipedia)

New Documentary Explores Mystery Of Titanic’s ‘Unknown Child’(New York Post, 5 Sep 2020)

The identity of the boy remained a mystery for nearly a century until a group of forensic experts gradually pieced it together, using breakthroughs in DNA technology and the discovery of a pair of tiny shoes, which had been kept by a Halifax police sergeant tasked with burning all the victims’ clothing in 1912. He just couldn’t bring himself to destroy what remained of the youngest victim recovered by the sailors.

Podcast: Irish Diver Who Went To Titanic (NewsTalk, 3 Sep 2020)

35 years ago this week, the Titanic’s wreckage was found in the Atlantic. The ship got a lot of popular attention over the years for its tragic end – and of course because of the mega hit Hollywood film.  Kieran Cuddihy was joined by Rory Golden, the very first Irish diver to ever go to the iconic ship’s wreckage – and he shared his experience.