Titanic News-8 Titanic Myths Busted, Belfast Airbnb Goes Titanic

  1. 8 Titanic Myths Busted
RMS Titanic pictured in Queenstown, Ireland 11 April 1912
Source:Cobh Heritage Centre, Cobh Ireland/Wikimedia Commons

James Cameron’s Titanic was a wonderful presentation and got the atmosphere right but had some inaccuracies says Claes-Göran Wetterholm, the Swedish historian and curator of the London Titanic exhibit. He gave an interview recently where he debunks many of the myths. There is nothing new here, but it is interesting to read.

8 Titanic Myths Busted — From Band’s Last Song To The Real Jack And Rose (New York Post, 27 Jan 2022)

Swedish historian Claes-Göran Wetterholm, the curator behind a new immersive Titanic exhibition in London, tells The Sun: “The Hollywood movie, ‘Titanic,’ directed by James Cameron is the best movie ever to be made about what never happened. “There are so many things I cannot agree with in it and when I met Cameron at the premiere I told him this. But the film’s theme is fantastic and perfectly captures the atmosphere on the ship. “I have spent many years researching what really happened that night and have spoken to survivors and family members of survivors to help uncover the real story.”

2. Titanic Themed Airbnb

I have read of many things done to redecorate a home with a Titanic theme. It seems someone over in Belfast, who rents out space he decked out in such a theme, through Airbnb. Judging from the pictures though, it may be a bit much for some.

This Titanic-Themed Airbnb Might Be The Most Questionable Listing We’ve Ever Found (TimeOut. 26 Jan 2022)

But if exceptionally bright colours, a lot of images of couples kissing and dozens of paintings of weird-looking crowds is your kind of thing, who are we to judge? The rest of the rental leans heavily into the romantic image of Titanic (rather than, y’know, the mass death bit), featuring a nautical-themed breakfast bar, ambient sea sounds and even a ‘kissing room’ hot tub. So, what about the other amenities? Well, Rose has three bedrooms and can fit up to five guests. It’s got Wi-Fi, a flatscreen TV and all your usual kitchen and bathroom stuff. The host, David, has a pretty impressive 4.88 star rating, with guests generally praising his rental as ‘unique’, ‘comfortable’ and ‘hospitable’.