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Visiting the Titanic Wreck; Titanic Survivors

Titanic Leaving Queenstown 11 April 1912. Believed to be the last photograph of ship before it sank.
Public Domain

Once you hit December, stories about Titanic tend to thin out. People are more focused on the holidays, so you do not see that much about Titanic. Still there are a few. MSN interviewed Stockton Rush, chairman of OceanGate which dives to Titanic, about people who pay the big bucks to dive down. From the news report, people come for all walks of life who just want the chance to see the wreck. MSN also has a slideshow of various Titanic survivors that is worth a look.

News stories cited above:

Titanic: Visiting the most famous shipwreck in the world
MSN, 27 Nov 2022

Titanic Survivors: Their Extraordinary Stories Of How They Escaped The Disaster
MSN, 2 Dec 2022

Titanic Monday Short Notes

1) Julian Fellowes, who has penned a new Titanic miniseries for BBC, has decided to call out James Cameron for making William Murdoch a coward in his movie. Fellowes is late to the party. Murdoch’s family and many in the Titanic community were outraged at the depiction resulting in an apology. So why do it now? Well of course to drum up interest in his upcoming miniseries. “I don’t think you can take someone who was moral and decent and make them do something immoral and indecent,” says Fellowes in the interview. He then goes on to say that while Murdoch is depicted with a gun, that the record is set straight. Good to know but Titanic historians are going to be looking at a lot more than that when they judge whether his miniseries is good, okay, or bad history.

2) Meghan Cox Gurdon offered up some Titanic books for kids in a recent Wall Street Journal column. She offers up some excellent choices for parents to consider. Often we forget that there are good Titanic books for kids and not that hard to find.

3) You can view many of the Titanic artifacts up for auction by visiting this link .


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