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Titanic News: Lord Mersey’s Notes Revealed

John Bigham, 1st Viscount Mersey, 1912
llustrated London News
Public Domain

According to The Independent, an upcoming documentary will reveal Lord Mersey, who presided over the British Titanic Inquiry, personal notes on the inquiry. The personal notes reveal that Mersey was disturbed by the lack of lifeboat drills, that important ice warnings were not properly delivered to Titanic’s officers, that Titanic was going too fast, and that the Californian wireless operations had shut down for then night.

Ned Bigham,the judge’s great-great grandson and the Fifth Viscount Mersey, will be revealing this in the upcoming documentary Titanic’s Lost Evidence on 5 Jan 2020 on Sky History.



Titanic News: Titanic Inquiry and Museum to Buy Titanic Era Steamship


Sketch of J. Bruce Ismay giving testimony before U.S. Senate Titanic inquiry.
Public Domain (via Wikipedia)

Did the Official 1912 Titanic Investigations Go Far Enough? (History.com 18 Nov 2020)

Fortunately, for the sake of history, government officials in both the United States and Great Britain moved aggressively to find out what had happened and why. Their inquiries, beginning on April 19 and May 2 respectively, put on record much of what the world now knows about the disaster—that the ship was traveling too fast for the icy conditions, that its design made it more vulnerable to sinking than anyone realized, that it was carrying far too few lifeboats for the people onboard and much more.

Kingston’s Marine Museum In Talks To Acquire Titanic-Era Steamship (Global News, 18 Nov 2020)

Kingston’s Marine Museum of the Great Lakes is charting a new course for the future with an ambitious fundraising campaign and a Titanic-era steamship in its sights. Chris West, chair of the museum’s board of directors, revealed to Global News for the first time that the museum is in “very close talks” to acquire the more than century-old SS Keewatin, an Edwardian passenger steamship, to become its flagship exhibit.