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Friday Titanic News

Happy Friday everyone. Here is some Titanic news you might find interesting.


Make A Wish America
1 Jan 2018
Make A Wish (via Wikimedia Commons)

Make-A-Wish, OceanGate Expeditions Holding Titanic Expedition Contest (VOCM, 5 May 2022)

Make-A-Wish Canada has teamed up with OceanGate Expeditions for a contest that could see someone travel to the site of the Titanic shipwreck. The winner of the Titanic Expedition Contest will get the chance to be a Mission Specialist as part of an eight-day expedition to the site of the world-famous shipwreck, along with a team of scientists and Titanic experts.


Image: Public Domain (NOAA)

What Deep Sea Exploration Means To The Man Who Discovered The Sunken Remains Of The Titanic (WUWM, 5 May 2022)

He starts by explaining how modern technology made the discovery of the Titanic possible “When we make a discovery, we will deliver the smartest mind in America to that spot. In 30 minutes, we were completely connected by satellite technology to a place we call The Inner Space Center, sort of like Houston, but underwater,” says Ballard.


Titanic Breakthrough: Hidden Secret Of ‘Very Personal Words’ In Famous ‘Message In Bottle’ (Express, 5 May 2022)

Now, a detailed study of the note, painstakingly undertaken letter-by-letter, has suggested that the communication is most likely an elaborate hoax. Handwriting and psychology expert Coraline Hausenblas said that the main problem with the note is that it was primarily not written in cursive — a type of penmanship in which letters are joined-up in a flowing manner to allow for faster writing speeds.


Stunning Chicago Mansion Built For Titanic Survivor Lists For $13.3M (New York Post, 3 May 2022)

A row house built for a family who survived the Titanic disaster has hit the market for $13.3 million. Located in the upscale Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago, the home was initially built between 1915 and 1917 as part of four Georgian-style residences, according to Chicago’s Historic Preservation Society.


Gloucestershire And The Titanic – How The County Was Hit By One Of The World’s Worst Sea Disasters (Gloucestershire Live, 2 May 2022)

Lives lost and work done link the county to the sinking.




Former Ryerson House For Sale, New Titanic Exhibition in London.


RMS Olympic First Class Lounge (1912)
Photo: Robert John Welch (1859-1936), official photographer for Harland & Wolff
Public Domain/Wikimedia Commons

An Immersive Titanic Exhibition Has Floated Into London (Londonist. 17 Dec 2021)

Want to see how plush the top end cabins were on the Titanic? Well now you can — thanks to a major exhibition that includes recreations of parts of the ship. We get to ‘board’ the experience along a ramp with suitcases either side, see what the third class cabins looked like, and then wander along a corridor styled as the first class section, complete with fancy light fixtures. The exhibition includes some items from the sunken ship itself — no mean feat given where it ended up. It also includes items from the dockyard where it was built, and from less remembered sister ship The Olympic, which thankfully didn’t sink. When it comes to actual items from the ship, a plate or a journal may not look like much but it’s the tragic human stories that go with them that are powerful: among them the wedding ring of a poor woman who tried to cling to the side of a life raft, but succumbed to the freezing waters — though not before the ring slipped off her finger, and was found days later in the bottom of the lifeboat.

Condo In Titanic Survivor’s Mansion Hits Market For Almost $8M (The Real Deal, 15 Dec 2021)

Let’s hope the buyer doesn’t have a sinking feeling. One of two condos in the restored mansion built by a Titanic survivor hit the market for $7.65 million – more than double the price of the then-rundown home in 2017, Crain’s reported. The unit has five bedrooms across 6,400 square feet and still has some of the original finishes from an original 1917 design by David Adler and Henry Dangler. The 16,000-square-foot home was built by Emily Ryerson and her three children after they fled the Titanic in a lifeboat while traveling home for the funeral of another son, a Yale student who had been killed in a car accident. Her husband, Arthur Ryerson, was among about 1,500 people who lost their lives.


Nice picture of a moonset over the Pigeon Point Lighthouse in California



The Paul R. Tregurtha arrived in Duluth yesterday. It was another cold day-16 degrees F and there was a lot of people watching her arrive. I estimate between 75-100 (possibly more) that lined the park from the cam views shown in the video. She gave a master salute as she came in.


Ryerson Mansion Now Condominums For Sale

Lakeview Avenue Row House District
Image: Chicagoarchitecture.org

Emily Ryerson, whose husband Arthur perished when Titanic sank in 1912, had a large mansion built for her and family over 100 years ago. Built in Lincoln Park area of Chicago, it was designed by Henry Dangler and David Adler who designed a series of homes in that area in 1915.  According to a site history:

Architects Henry C. Dangler and David Adler designed the row of fine Georgian-style homes as a creative social community for friends who were both artists and notable figures in Chicago society. Each row home would be an independent residence but would also enjoy benefits common to the high-class apartment towers then being built along the lakefront. Together the homes would be heated by a central facility and a proposed garage would accommodate each owner’s automobile.

Construction began in 1915 and done by 1917. She would remarry in 1927 to William Forsythe Sherfese, the Forestry Advisor to the Chinese Government. The house at 2700 Lakeview was sold in 1930. Nearly all the original inhabitants of the block of houses sold and moved away. The Ryerson home would change hands and in 1946 the last occupant was moved out. It remained uninhabited since then. The mansion was bought in 2017. Other mansions in the area have been considered for purchase and renovation but the sticking point is not only the costs but whether there is a market.

In the case of the Ryerson house, the renovations are complete and they are marketing two condos for sale at this time. You just need $5.4 million and it is all yours.


Landmark Designation Report- Lakeview Avenue House District
City of Chicago, 2016

Titanic Survivor’s Mansion Will Become Residential Once Again (Chicagobusiness.com, 11 April 2017)