Belfast Lord Mayor Calls Chinese Titanic Simulator “Disgraceful”

Titanic Wreck Bow Image: Public Domain (NOAA-
Titanic Wreck Bow
Image: Public Domain (NOAA)

Belfast Lord Mayor Jim Rodgers says the Chinese idea of a Titanic simulator is a step too far reports the BBC. He went further stating:

The ship was perfect when it left these shores in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and unfortunately it struck an iceberg, but for people to try and make money out of that is disgraceful and shameful.

According to press reports, the replica Titanic will allow people to experience the collision and will use sound and light effects to simulate water coming into the ship.

We will let people experience water coming in by using sound and light effects … They will think, ‘The water will drown me, I must escape with my life.(Su Shaojun, chief executive of the Seven Star Energy Investment Group).

Actor Bernard Hill, who played Captain Smith in Cameron’s Titanic, says it is not inappropriate but had to admit his expenses in flying to Hong Kong were paid by the Chinese (but he did not receive an appearance fee for appearing at the public event).

At any event, wags are starting to speculate was to which Hollywood celebrity will race over to China when it is complete to stand on it and give an enthusiastic thumbs up. T-shirt makers will probably now have to come up with a new shirt: “I survived Chinese Titanic!”

Source:Titanic Iceberg Simulator In Chinese Theme Park ‘In Bad Taste’(15 Jan 2014,BBC)