Friday Titanic News:White Star Flag To Fly Over Albion House, New Brittanic Book and Brittanic Artifacts for Titanic Belfast, and Titanic Artifacts to China?

White Star Flag Image:Yar(Wikimedia)
White Star Flag

1. The Liverpool Echo reports that for the first time in 80 years, the flag of the White Star Line will fly over the former headquarters in Liverpool. Albion House, which was last opened to the public in 1898, will be open to the public on 1 Mar 2014 to mark the 80th anniversary of White Star Line’s demise in 1934 when it was merged with Cunard. The flag will be flown above the James Street entrance and was donated by Titanic historian Paul Louden-Brown, who paid for the flag as a goodwill gift to the company’s former headquarters.
Source:White Star Flag To Fly Again Over Titanic Hotel(17 Jan 2o14,Liverpool Echo)

2. Simon Mills has published a new book on Brittanic, Unseen Britannic: The Ship in Rare Illustrations, the shows the wreck of the ship. While Brittanic sank faster than Titanic (possibly due to a German mine), she sank mostly intact and is the most complete Olympic class liner. According to News Letter, an excavation is being planned for this summer. Paul Louden-Brown states the idea is to bring up artifacts and display them in Titanic Belfast. Bringing up the  propeller blades and a 16-ton anchor is being considered and would be put on the slipways at Titanic Belfast.
Source: Taking A Fresh Look At Titanic’s Sunken Sister(16 Jan 2014,News Letter)

3. A commenter at the financial site The Street writes that Premiere Exhibitions the company ought to consider selling the artifacts to the Chinese theme park that will house the Titanic replica that will simulate the sinking. Chris Katje writes:

Before you criticize whether this theme park or boat should be constructed, think about the possible winner in Premier Exhibitions. Premier has more than 5,500 artifacts from the actual Titanic that it has been trying to sell for years. Last year, the company called off a possible deal to sell its Titanic artifacts. Premier executives should be on the phone with Seven Star Energy Investment Group CEO Su Shaojun to make a deal happen. Imagine a life-size Titanic with real artifacts and authentic items from the maiden voyage.

Kotje opines since Premier stock hovers around $1.00 these days, a sale to the Chinese would give the shareholders a lucrative return.
Source:Premier Exhibitions Should Sell Titanic Artifacts to New Theme Park in China(14 Jan 2014,The Street)