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Animal Shelter Needs Food For Titanic’s Pantry

Over the years I have heard many different ways Titanic is used. It is overused as a cliché. These days it is hard not to here someone say “like rearranging deck chairs on Titanic.”I never knew that an animal shelter in Sacramento, CA had named its pantry for animals Titanic’s.

Titanic, the Sacramento Animal Care Services Mascot (sacbee.com)
Titanic, the Sacramento Animal Care Services Mascot (sacbee.com)

According to the Sacramento Bee , the city’s Animal Care Services has been providing free animal food to those who cannot afford to buy it. This is to help struggling families so that the do not give their pets up. This year the cupboard is bare due to high demand and low contributions. Donations usually come from people either dropping off animal food or from pet stores. They are asking for help to meet the increased demand.

In case your wondering, the pantry is named for their mascot who is described as “gargantuan” and hence the name Titanic.

Source: The Sacramento Bee, Sacramento Animal Shelter Seeks Pet Food Donations For Pantry, 17 Aug 2011

Theft of Titanic TV Foiled By Lexus!

Sergeant Joe Friday (Jack Webb on the old Dragnet show) would have shaken his head at disbelief. According to the Sacramento Bee, three burglars entered a home and stole a large television. The television size is not given but one assumes it must be 40 inches or larger (and either a plasma or lcd television requiring 2-3 people to move it) since they encountered a major problem: it would not fit in their Lexus. As this hapless trio tried to maneuver the television into the car, a neighbor spotted them and notified police.

Eventually they gave up and drove away leaving the television on the curb. Police traced the car to a 19-year-old man and arrested him for stolen property. The two other accomplices remain at large. Needless to say they never considered the television size in relation to the Lexus’ interior space. Another example of mathematics having a use in the real world!

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