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Sort of Titanic Cliche of Day: Newsweek Editor Compared To Captain Smith

Poor Captain Smith. At one time a well respected sea captain and commodore of the White Star Line. Now just an afterthought for commentators searching for ways to include Titanic into their writing. Take the case of Newsweek.  It is for sale and the editor, Jon Meacham, is out making the rounds that it was not his fault.

Jim Treacher over at Daily Caller notes some of Meacham’s odd comments. Like that for 77 years Newsweek mattered to the country. Quite a statement considering that the country seems to have decided not to buy or subscribe to the magazine these days. Treacher for his part delivers in pointing out that probably no one ever heard of Jon Meacham till now.

The news that the Washington Post Company is selling off Newsweek is the most shocking development in the media world since the cancellation of Buggy Whip Monthly. The magazine’s editor, Jon Meacham, has been making the media rounds, explaining why it’s not his fault. If you don’t recognize his name, don’t worry. Nobody remembers who the captain of the Titanic was either.

Ouch! I must admit I never knew who Jon Meacham was until now. Then again I did know Titanic’s captain. Not quite a full cliche but in the ballpark. At least Treacher did not compare Meacham’s handling of Newsweek to that of Captain Smith.